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Sunday, August 11, 2019

I quit.

I got an internship as a web developer. I was supposed to go 1 day a week for 8 weeks and we would evaluate if we wanted to move forward. Initially they wanted 2 days a week but that would mean I would have to go part time at my good paying job. It made me very uncomfortable so that was like their compromise. On my 3rd day, I made a silly error. I cloned a repository twice into two different folders. Docker scanned the folder we weren't linked to. The lead dev figured it out. Obviously not a big deal. Something hit me strange though. I know I'll make mistakes but I felt like with the pressure of making less money when I drop to part time at my job I would freak out. I'm still not convinced I am smart enough to be a web developer even though my friend who got the job for me seems to be. I smoked like 6 cigs and quit. I praised the company and everyone there. The lead dev training me said my desk will always be there and the owner texted me saying he'd be down to hire me again when I feel ready. Idk if I did the right thing. I just don't think I could deal with the pressure of less money while having to learn so much. I have two kids and a big mortgage. I could go full time again at my job but I hate it more than life itself and couldn't face losing my 15 years of seniority and vacation time. Not sure why I'm posting this. But there it is. Can anyone relate to this? Time to build sites, I guess.

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