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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

What's your process?

This is mine but I feel that it’s not good. Can you share your process or your thoughts?

  1. Team finds prospects and data about them. Company size, revenue estimates, contact persons, contact numbers...

  2. Salesperson contacts the prospect. <Sales pitch>. Salesperson start asking questions to make the prospect engaged and involved in conversation. Salesperson learns their business, what they want, who they are... and record the information he collects.

  3. Team reviews the information collected. Comes up with a draft solution and price proposal.

  4. Salesperson gets back to the prospect with the draft solution and price proposal. Salesperson collects the information related to adjustments prospect wants so the team can adjust the draft and proposal.

  5. Salesperson sends the final draft and proposal to the prospect.

  6. Both parties sign the contract, with legally binding electronic signatures.

  7. After receiving deposit which is 50%, team starts working on the project.

  8. 2 free revisions.

  9. After receiving the full payment, project files are delivered or project is launched.

  10. Clients signs a document that says he fully recieved the service he requested from us and everything is good.

  11. Project is done.

Do you think it's better if project manager takes over the step 6 and 7?

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