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Thursday, July 11, 2019

What are my options for a user-friendly way to allow my client to upload images to their page's gallery at will?

Preface: I'm a relative newbie in the freelance game and mostly do frontend stuff, so bear with me here.

So two of my clients happen to want an option to be able to upload things to a photo gallery of sorts on their sites, along with a caption.

I've made both of their sites with custom bootstrap designs, and was thinking of enabling this by installing WordPress, giving them a login, and using the 'loop' with PHP to embed the user's posts into either a carousel or card-based bootstrap gallery.

While looking through the CMS apps on Softalicious, however, I saw a lot of options and was wondering if any of you had insight onto a better or easier option before I go install WP and go hacking away on a solution for this.

Thanks in advance!

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