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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Website that provide free mockups/wireframes?

Hello there!

As the title says, Im trying to find a website which might provide a all mockups/wireframes for a webpage. Lets say 1 mockup for each page(home/shop/blog/faq/contact). Even that the designs end not being top quality of course..

The issue its that Im focus on backend development, I know HTML/CSS are not backend but still need to go from wireframes to HTML then Python/Django, which its easier for me. The HTML/CSS + Django are not that hard honestly, but coming up with an idea, then working with that idea on PSD, then making fixes here and there (it wont be just one single page but 5-6) and then going to HTML... its a lot of hours for someone who lacks UI skills you know?

I tried but they just provide you with a single landing page for the whole thing, it might not be that hard after having all the styles in CSS but still want to try luck before trying to work with those free templates.

Any recommendations will be appreciate it!

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