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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Recommend Multi-Vendor software


I'm looking to open up a multi-vendor store. I prefer them not to be described as vendors but just your average Joe looking to sell a product as private sale. I want people to be able to sign up to my website and list their items for sale, much like eBay. This website will be aimed towards a certain niche and is in fact hopefully to replace a lost website which changed their business model some time ago.

I've done some research about different tools that can provide what I am looking for. Ideally I want to keep start up costs low and I want to avoid anything monthly based subscription for e-commerce software. WooCommerce + Multi-Vendor plugin seems to be what I am looking.. well something a long them lines. Commission based sales so I would take a very low fee for the sale but I am looking to build the site so it really targets this niche.

Just need some ideas of software to use which others have used or can recommend.


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