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Friday, July 12, 2019

Is Income Shift Pro a Scam? Who It’s Ideal For.

Income Shift Pro isn’t a scam, but it’s not suited for everyone. If you’re new to this program, here’s the first thing you need to know:

This program is ONLY designed for people who are members of an MLM program known as MyEcon, which I will provide a separate review on and only briefly cover in this particular article since that program deserves it’s own review.

If you are not a member of MyEcon, then there’s literally no reason to get Income Shift Pro and if you are, it’s a good system to have, because it acts as an organizer of the leads you bring into the MyEcon program (don’t worry if you’re lost right now, I’ll explain more shortly), however, even then, it may not be completely necessary for you.

My goal in this review is to explain the uses of basic functions of Income Shift Pro so you understand if it’s actually useful to you or if it’s just an unnecessary expense and you can do without.

Furthermore, if you are thinking of using this program, odds are you are in one way or another looking for an ability to generate money from running your own home business (possibly an online one), in which case, I’d like to take a moment to pitch a free to try program that is far easier to understand and work through (as well as to make money from) than using either Income Shift Pro or MyEcon:

income shift pro alternative


In any case, I will return to that program throughout this review, but the bulk of this article will focus on the main program review, so let’s continue with that:

Income Shift Pro Review (Summary):

Price: $25/month.income shift pro review

Can you promote it? If you are a member yes and you can earn $5 a month for every referral who joins.

In other words, if you’re a member and get John to sign up and he remains a member of this place for 5 months, then you earn $25 for those 5 months.

What exactly is this program? It’s basically an advertising and “secretary” type program that’s connected to the MLM program known as MyEcon. 

They offer you promotional emails, templates, the ability to collect and store the people you bring into MyEcon and then send them out notifications, emails and so on.

They also offer insights to your leads and basically provide analytical data on how your leads are doing.

The whole point of this program is to make promoting MyEcon easier, and if you become successful at bringing in tons of leads to MyEcon, to organize them through the Income Shift Pro, so you can keep in touch with them through emails, send them offers and more.

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10 stars. This is a well designed program, that’s cheap, helps you promote MyEcon better, and offers a decent recurring commission system too.

However, the issue I have isn’t so much with this system, it’s that I am honestly not a fan of the MyEcon system in general, though it’s legit based on my first impressions (an updated review will see if this is the case).

It’s a difficult system to promote because it is an MLM system and those businesses are usually hard to get up and running and to, especially in the long run, keep running.

Because of that, if you understand these realities and have a hard time promoting MyEcon, I don’t believe having a system like Income Shift Pro will help.

This system will only come in handy IF you are a good marketer and can bring in a lot of leads, THEN it pays to have this system working for you. Otherwise, if you bring in say, 10 leads, then I don’t see the reason to use this system.

Maybe if you have a 100 or more leads, then it’ll make sense.

What kind of benefits does Income Shift Pro offer?

As I mentioned, it’s basically an organizational website.

If you can imagine getting 100’s of leads interested in MyEcon, then you can probably imagine that organizing all those leads, staying in touch with them through emails and helping them succeed as well (because in doing so, you will keep them as members and earn more commissions from MyEcon) is going to be a tough business.

But this isn’t a program that’s only designed for that, it also offers it’s own marketing tools so you can attract more people who may not know about MyEcon, to it.

Like I said earlier, they offer squeeze pages to collect emails of potential prospects and they also provide numerous templates that are quite attractive and potentially get people to sign up because they are attractive.

Additionally, this program also offers it’s own training for using all of this and this is something I cannot comment on since I did not see it.

Issues you may run into:

What I can say from personal marketing experiences is that as I said earlier, promoting an MLM program is very tough because most of the time you’re usually seen as a sleazy sales person pitching the next “get rich quick scheme” or “amazing opportunity” so knowing how to avoid having people get that impression of you whilst pitching MyEcon is going to be an necessary skill you’ll need to learn.

Ways to avoid that:

The “easiest way” is training. Specifically training on how to attract the right kind of audiences to your MyEcon promotions so they don’t see you that way:

It’s one thing to go around telling people about joining your opportunity, but it’s a whole other when people are coming to YOU to find out about it and if you know how to create a circumstance where people come to you, then that approach is what gets people buying from you. 

It’s how I’ve personally made my business thrive (Over a million in sales) and although I am NOT associated with either Income Shift Pro nor MyEcon, the rules of marketing do not change in this regard and it’s the smart, successful people who go about it the way I mentioned, that actually succeed. 

Final Rating: Income Shift Pro.

Green Flag

6 out of 10 stars. It’s a good add on tool to help market to and organize the leads you bring into MyEcon, but not exactly a system I’d say is mandatory if you’re part of that MLM. And I have included a review of My Econ here and after checking it out, I still recommend my other program.

Final thoughts: 

While this program is good, I have my reservations about MyEcon in general. As far as I see it, you have 2 options:

Option 1: Become a member of this MLM and use Income Shift Pro but only when you get enough leads.

Option 2: Elect to go a different route, not be a member of that MLM and find another (better) way to build a home business.

In either circumstance, as I said before, the thing which will truly determine your success in building the business is getting the marketing training to get leads. That sort of training can be applied to any market and any business because it is based on universal principals of attracting people to your opportunity. 

After the training is there, organizing the incoming leads is a lot easier thank you think and there already exist free programs and things like autoresponders which help organize those things. I’m saying this because if you choose to go another route other than this MLM, you will not be able to use Income Shift Pro. Either way, it’s not a big deal.

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