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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

[HIRING] Looking for an experienced Shopify web developer to help me create a website for my clothing brand.

Hello! My name is Kidus and I've been working since August on getting my custom clothing brand curated and prepared, and now, approaching its launch in October, I'm looking for help creating a design-focused, minimalist, high-end fashion site (something very similar to KITH.COM and ).


  • Experience. I don't neccesarily need decades of experience or even a four year degree, but I'm looking for someone with an established minimalist and design-focused portfolio. Design and creativity is really important to me. I know what I want the site to look like, and I'm comfortable directing every step of the process, but it'd be great to work with someone who could also input a lot of ideas into the project.
  • Free time around August.


  • To take curated photography, branding, fonts, product descriptions, and etc, and create a landing page, product pages, a lookbook page, and an about page.
  • To help create an email subscription database I'd have access to for email marketing (I imagine I'd have to integrate this with a separate 3rd party program, but I'd love help doing so)
  • To focus on integrating the brand image and philosophy into the website experience.

Feel free to comment to below or dm/pm me for more information if you're interested! I'd love to see your portfolio. Payment will be half up front, half when the site is finished, and will be sizeable (believe me, I'm not one to lowball people. I know how essential this is for the success of the brand, and I'll pay accordingly).

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