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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Help/Request - what do I need for a page of vertically scrolling images that load images on demand as user scrolls?

Hi there.

For years now I have maintained a personal website where I post a picture of my wife and I, and now my wife and I and our kids, every month. Going back to when we first met in 2005. I'm not posting the link to the website due to fear of the Reddit "kiss of death" - it's on a GoDaddy server after all. But if anyone needs it I can PM it to you.

I have "made" websites and maintained websites on GoDaddy servers for at least 10 years. But I'm terrible at this. Right now this site has a page per year in a top menu and then each page has a JavaScript side scrolling gallery. Up to 12 images per year. I guess it "works" - but it's getting cumbersome having to click on each year at the top and if I keep it up, it'll need multiple levels of menu links. Yikes.

So I'm looking to do a refresh. I basically want a static menu to stay all the time, either on the top or the left of the screen. Maybe with hyperlink to bring to top (most current photo), and then to click and skip to any year that is present. But then just be able to scroll down and down and have the page dynamically load the images as requested. I only need one line of text to accompany each image, two would be ideal. My current site is NOT mobile friendly so if this new system would be, that is a huge plus. I know enough that I know this exists, but I don't even know what it is called or where to go find a sample.

I don't think I need someone to do it for me, i'm handy enough to have banged together over 100,000 lines of C# programs over the years thanks to Google and StackOverflow. SAme for a handful of crappy but functional websites i've done. So if one of you could point me to a code sample or page where I could learn or copy this process so I can integrate it onto my page - that would be great.

If this is something one of you could bang out relatively quickly and give me the files in a way that I can easily add images and accompanying text (like dropping image in folder, editing href and text in a .xml file or something) and maintain it going forward - I would be willing to pay.

If it makes a difference - I have Windows Deluxe hosting on GoDaddy. ASP.NET 4.0/4.5 and PHP 5.6. I do have the latest WordPress but already have a separate WordPress site running (can I run two on the same GoDaddy account? Do we even need WordPress for something this simple?).

Thank you.

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