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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Experiences with GoDaddy today

Hey guys, wanted to share a story with you so nobody walks into the same issue. I will start by saying that this is partly my fault, but I consider myself decently internet savvy and want to save anyone in the future from going through this shitty situation.

To start off, nobody seems to like GoDaddy, I did for a while, because their support was amazing. They've helped me through lots of issues they didn't need to, but the recent support kind of nullifies the good experiences.

Anyhow, I created a website with a 5050 partner 2 years back, everything hosted on my GoDaddy acct. Over the years, we both paid for the bills from personal accounts.

FFWD to current times, the partnership fell apart, but the business was doing well. One weekend, i tried to log into my GoDaddy pro account to manage a clients sites, and I was locked out. After two hours of support heres what I found out...

My business partner had called GoDaddy. Because his payment info was on file, he has COMPLETE access to my account. With the help of GoDaddy, they transferred the domain, and hosting, to his. Now, this to me is fucked. All my account information was reset etc and it took about a 1 hour call to get back in.

Just because someone has paid a bill (with a completely different name then the account holder) does NOT MEAN IN ANY CONTEXT they should have access to my pro dashboard, where I have dozens of clients accounts.

GoDaddy explained to me that he had my email and his payment information, and that in itself was enough to transfer all of our assets to his account. No approval, no phone call, no account holder needed.

When I expressed my disbelief, the GoDaddy rep said "we manage over 7 million accounts, the security is up to you". Then he explained that if the card had been completely deleted from the account, it would all be fine, why was I so incompetent, it's my issue. I explained how GoDaddy is good at automatically storing and renewing cards and I must have not clicked the box in the fine print. But that's not the issue.

The issue is that if anyone has ever had their card on your file, and you haven't manually deleted it, your account is theirs. If your friend has paid your bill, or you have used a prepaid card that someone managed to pick up from your house, they have full access to your payment information, domains, hosting, account transfers, and your complete pro dashboard with access to all your clients websites. IMO that is fucked up.

TLDR; had business, fell apart, partner had payment info on my account, used that to get in and take all our business assets, and access to admin on all my clients sites on godaddy pro.

STLDR; if someone has paid your godaddy bill, they (basically own) have access to everything on your account unless you delete the card

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