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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Can someone help a wordpress noob out with how to accomplish this?

Okay, so I have a little bit of experience in wordpress, but i've only been able to modify existing themes so far. I'm making a pretty straightforward blog for someone right now and I want to branch out and try customizing it a little more - so this website can be a little more "mine" if that makes sense. I've included an image to help describe what I'm talking about at the end of my post as well.

To preface this, I know HTML and CSS and how to link JS and what not, I just don't really know how I'd accomplish this in wordpress.

Okay, so I just want to make a simple, straightforward blog. I've made a top-menu with three different categories, and when clicking on the categories, it brings up all of the posts that are tagged with it. Pretty simple so far, no trouble with that. But here's where I'm not sure what to do:

When clicking on a category where it brings up all of the blog posts in said category, I want to include a piece of artwork on the page related to that category. Just once, and I don't want it to be found anywhere else on the website. What's the best way to put the artwork only on that page?

here's a shitty template i made that kinda shows what I'm trying to do.

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