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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Where to get illustrations like these?

I saw a post recently about While those illustrations are useful, they don't have what I need.

I'm thinking of building a weather app (already been done before, I know). I looked at some designs on Dribbble and was very impressed. But many of the illustrations on Dribbble are low resolution or only apply to mobile. Here's some examples of what I mean:

This example has a neat background image, but it's low resolution and has objects on top of it

In this example, the image on the right looks promising, but again it's low resolution

This example is just perfect. I wish I could get a set of images like these

I'm hoping to find a set of illustrations, like this, for several different weather types. But with larger resolution for desktop screen sizes.

I find a lot of designs I think are interesting that I want to recreate for practice, but I'm often limited by what illustrations I can get my hands on. Does anybody know of a good source of illustrations with the style I've linked above? I've searched google, pexels, freepik, undraw and a host of others. None of them seem to have the style I'm going for.

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