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Thursday, June 13, 2019

What do you think of using primary colors + green for a site design?

I'm a developer. I have no design sense. I love primary colors. The one time I tried my hand at design, I made heavy use of a navy blue / red / white theme. I loved it, but it was for a business I was a partner in and my partner hated it (as well as several other people who looked at it).

I plan to publish a blog at the end of summer that's important to me, and I really like the red / yellow / green / blue colors used on this site. I don't like all of the white in that design, or the graphics particularly. I do plan to hire a designer but I want to have a really solid idea in my head of what I want in terms of color scheme and graphics beforehand.

Can you give me some feedback on what you think about a color scheme similar to what I described?

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