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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Trying to get back into web design again-


Long-time lurker, so I think this is the right sub to ask the question "Where do I begin when it comes to showcasing websites I want to create" To give some background, I graduated from a community college 2 years ago where I focused on media as well as web design. I found it was something I enjoyed greatly, but I felt I was learning just the tip of the iceberg (HTML/CSS/minimal Javascript).

2 years went by and I focused on getting my bachelors in comm. and media and did not practice web design at all. Now that I have graduated with my BFA I am ready to get back into web design. I have been slowly teaching myself Javascript again because of where I left off. I am looking to start with the frontend development and eventually work myself towards backend once I get comfortable.

What I really want to know is how can I make this into a job? Where should I begin? I have a domain from namecheap and hosting through nixihost. I'm thinking of creating a portfolio site on Wordpress to broadcast some of the websites I will be creating. The second question is, how do I go about creating some sites just to showcase my artistic eye? Would it make sense to create demo sites through subdomains? Screenshot the pages and then upload those to my portfolio site? Maybe take videos? I just don't want to pay money for sites that are only being used to show my possible talent.

I'm really excited to get back into web design and I want to make sure I'm going about it the best way. Let me know if you need any clarification on anything!

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