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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Starting on Google domain (moved from Godaddy) Wordpress transfer, hosting and Woocommerce

I’m a 5th year medstudent who’s trying to learn basic (like really basic) web development. Right now I’m trying to open up a small (stationery selling about 10 dollars monthly in product ) e-commerce as a new learning experience.

I had posted with you guys about how to get rid of Godaddy as my domain register, and I did (: Previously I had learned how to use Divi and woocommerce in GoDaddy, but now I’m stuck with some questions. I’m hoping someone kind enough knows how to guide me or where I can study and learn more about it.

Situation: I changed (from you guy’s guidance) from godaddy to google domains. When changing to google domain I bought a domain with them (google), and moved my previous domains to google too. I already had Wordpress as my host on godaddy paid for.

So here comes my question: - May I also move Wordpress (I had already paid for) from Godaddy to Google domain to use it on my definitive site for hosting? - should I just better invest in Wordpress e-commerce? Anyone know the difference between normal host and this option?

I’m going to soon hire my bf (who’s graduating in a year in systems engineering) to help me with this, but I’d like to not be completely lost when I meet up. Tyvm.

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