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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Rethinking dark mode best practices while using iOS 13 beta?

I’m wondering if anyone else is thinking about this. The new dark mode on iOS uses black and very dark grey, and the main text is pure white. This is in contrast to the “best practices” that I’ve seen on the web. When I find a website that uses these best practices (usually it’s a medium dark grey background or some other dark washed out color, with light grey text) it looks wrong when I’m using dark mode because all the dark mode apps are so much darker.

Giving this a bit of thought, I think the reason for these best practices is because there was no assumption of dynamic adjustments between modes. Thus, dark modes had to be somewhat passable for well lit environments. However, with iOS and macOS giving the option to easily change modes, and to schedule light and dark modes, and I think we can be a lot more aggressive with our dark interfaces. Meaning maybe it’s ok to use #000 backgrounds.

I’m not sure, but what I do know is that my dark interfaces look out of place in iOS’s dark mode, and I want to make sure to get this settled before the general release. What are your thoughts?

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