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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Looking for a highly skilled front-side Wordpress designer / developer who wants to partner on a SaaS platform.

I have a strong digital marketer background with advanced skills in Wordpress deployment and an idea for a SaaS. I have the hosting. Lemp stack, SSL, and Wordpress multisite environment already setup but need help building the marketing pages and setting up the rest of the Wordpress settings (plugins, stripe, etc). To make it easier, I have a beautiful paid theme installed that has most of the template groundwork done and runs off WP Bakery and Elementor.

I want to get this launched but I have another thriving business so I don’t have time to build-out the front side myself so the project has been lagging a few months. If any highly skilled front-side developer who is design focused and knows css, html, javascript, etc., is interested in partnering to do the front-side work in exchange for some profit share, let me know. Please dm me with your portfolio, thanks!

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