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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Leightweight CMS for my blog

Hi there,

I want to start a blog. My sidegoal is to make it as leightweight as possible while still having the features I need.

The blog is a normal about videogames. My posts are heavily focussed on text. Maybe one or two images per article as well as a preview image/thumnail. The layout of each post will be pretty similar.

Here are the other features I want to include:

- 3 Layouts (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
- Comment Function

- Categories and tags

- Short comment box (like twitter box) on sidebar (Desktop) / above post overview (mobile)

- Button for converting blog article into a pdf-file

Is this possible with a flat cms? If yes which is the best free one? If not which is the most leightweight cms to realize that?

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