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Thursday, June 20, 2019

How do page predictions work with search suggestions?

I've been really worried about privacy lately and am interested in how pretty much the whole internet works when it comes to collecting data.

I apologize if this sounds confusing but I'm a complete noob to this stuff and am not really sure how to explain it.

Say you have search suggestions on along with page predictions in google chrome or microsoft edge.

If you start typing in a search or a website name, does the browser start loading that in the background?

As a couple examples:

I start typing in "reddit.c" and the autofill search suggestion fills out the rest with

Is the website being pre loaded before i ever hit enter?

What if i just type in something like "imgur" and the search suggestions show a couple website links along with other search suggestions related to imgur.

Is the browser preloading all of these websites and search terms that show up in the suggested in the background?

Or do browsers only start preloading pages once i get to the actual website page or search result page?

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