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Thursday, June 6, 2019

How do I make a modal/box-like object that opens on the same page on-click?

Hey all,

Amateur here. This is an image of what I want to do. I made a simple prototype:

Basically, the triangle is a play button. On click, a box of some kind smoothly opens below the play button, on the same page. The box will have multiple volume sliders to control specific sounds of different elements.

What's important is I don't really want this object to pop up. I want it to open smoothly underneath my play button, and a minimize button or something on the box (which I didn't draw, oops) will hide the box, while clicking the play button will open it back. I want this to happen below the play button, not on a pop up. Not sure what I would call this.

What tools, libraries, or features might be useful for me? I have often struggled with finding the the right tools for the job that needs to be done in programming, so I wanted to make sure I ask you guys for your opinion before I start doing anything.

So far, I found this link for a modal:

It sort of does what I want, but it's a pop up, so it's not what I am looking for. What would you call the thing I want?

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