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Friday, June 14, 2019

Help me: Bootstrap Column content clips and some other issues

Hi guys, I'm making a PWA (as per my previous posts) and have a few issues:

The most pressing one, is the clipping. The content inside my first column doesn't appear entirely, running into the second one and not showing up, rather than it being adjusted. This is on mobile, btw, on pc it looks alright.

Also, I have another issue I could't solve: My column doesn't stay perfectly 100% proportioned to the page, even with vh100. So there is scrolling, and I want zero scrolling, like a mobile app.

Can someone please help me?

This sub does not allow image posts, dunno why, so here's the link with an image:

EDIT: I made a codepen, should make it easier to help:

submitted by /u/Brazilian_Slaughter
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