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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Help finding web designer to revamp 10-year-old online store

Title says it all... I’m looking to hire a web designer/developer to re-design an old e-commerce site/online store and migrate it over to a new e-commerce platform (i.e. Shopify). Ideally I’d like to hire someone local, someone I can meet up with face-to-face. The only issue is that I’m located in New York City, and every competent web designer/developer I run into wants a minimum of ten thousand freaking dollars before they’ll even consider looking at my project.

How do I find an experienced, talented, professional web designer/developer without spending an arm and a leg? I’m looking for someone with actual skills - both artistic and marketing savvy - not someone who’s just going to turn around and outsource the work to the lowest bidder on Upwork/Freelancer...

The work involves a full redesign, possibly including logo, and migration to a better e-commerce platform, with the goal of coming up with something modern, mobile-friendly, and a step above our competitor’s websites.

I want our site to have that “finished” look. Originally, we hired a designer to create a basic template for us, added our products, and then didn’t really touch it at all after that. Our competitor’s sites, on the other hand, started with a cheaper-looking starting template design-wise, but now look “lived-in”. They’ve added enough bells and whistles around the margins and fleshed things out enough to make it look “full” and trustworthy - testimonials, helpful explanatory product comparison pages, etc.

So the last requirement would be giving our site that final, “lived-in” polish, using our competitors as an example.

How do I go about finding someone who can kick ass at a project like this without breaking the bank? Besides posting an ad on Craigslist and sifting through dozens of portfolios, are there other resources I should check out? Any ideas would be truly appreciated!

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