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Friday, June 28, 2019

Freelancing Options

Apologies if this seems a long winded question, I'm just very curious as how to approach the current situation I'm in.

So I've had a keen interest for web development for quite a while now and would know how to make a website with HTML, CSS and JS in areas and also allow it to become responsive etc. So I've done a lot of work myself to practice and try to become better at it as a whole.

I ideally want to get into freelance web development in the end, but unsure on how it works in the sense of editors. So I've never actually used wordpress, however read that it takes up something ridiculous like 30% of the websites available, however true that is.

And I know it can make everything a lot easier for web developers. But I've recently come into use of a site called Sitejet which to me seems like a similar Wordpress alternative, where you don't have to write the code from pure scratch, and can use designed themes/plugins etc but also have the ability to do all the core code yourself. It's not really a WYSIWYG editor.

I was wondering if as a freelancer, you're going to fall behind if you don't use these kind of services, the biggest example being wordpress. As this site has allowed me to host, get a registered domain all in one place. Whereas before I've used FTP applications like Cyber Duck and external hosting platforms.

Is this cheating?

Are you considering a free lance web developer if you aren't starting with a blank sublime text document and making it from there?

Any help in the slightest is appreciated here please as I don't know the route I need to take forward!

Thanks very much.

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