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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Just riding in the car when suddenly my leg started hurting via /r/funny

I hate when this happens via /r/funny

Gordon Ramsay’s son already looks pissed off via /r/funny

You need to lose weight too via /r/funny

Expectation vs Reality via /r/funny

Firefighting via /r/funny

My dad recently got a 3d printer and made a stool sample for his doctor via /r/funny

Starting web agency buiz

I am planning on starting a web agency business and not sure how to go about it. I am good at building sites and any technical duties but not so good at business side such as getting clients and such. My plan is to hire someone who is expert at running the business side such as closing deals, generating leads. Is this a good idea? Or, is there a better way of covering my shortcomings. how much money should I invest to make it successful?

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What Is An Orphan Post Or Page In WordPress?

In this content-rich era of the internet, optimizing your content for search engines (SEO) is crucial. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to understand and implement SEO into your blog. However, search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are constantly updating their search algorithm to combat black hat users who try to use less than honest methods […]

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Prepare for Your Next Job Interview With Answers to 10 Common Questions

Smart doggo makes sure there’s no glass door before going in via /r/funny

Create Web Components without the help of any third-party libraries, to use in your web applications

Create Web Components without the help of any third-party libraries, to use in your web applications

In this post, we will cover the APIs that compose the Web Components suite and how to integrate them with a headlessCMS as an example.

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How To Live In A Treehouse & How It Saves You Money

Frugal For Less Frugal For Less - Make And Save Money With Little Effort Have the myriad stresses of modern life got you down? If they have, it may be time to make your home in the trees where you...

[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

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How can I select all attributes to assign "inherit"?

I just want the following to inherit all styles above it:

const StyledMaterialLink = styled(RouterLink)` text-decoration: inherit; color: inherit; `; 

This is a modified library component from Material UI, a React.js style library. I'm able to inherit a select few styes but others I don't know about are still being overwritten

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Where could I go to get a website similar to Dexter Navy’s?

His website is and I love the way you interact with it but can’t find anywhere to get something like it.

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Aaaahh yiiss via /r/funny

Live and wet die via /r/funny

Is it OK to use personal bank account to accept large payment from the client? (US)

Didn't set up a LLC yet

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Wheatley (Portal 2 game) with HTML/CSS (JS for sounds & movements logic). Without images!

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The Joys Of July (2019 Wallpapers Edition)

Cross-posting from r/webdev

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Saturday, June 29, 2019

[QUESTION/HELP] Looking to learn more about Bootstrap v4 as interactively as possible.

Hello this might be an odd question but I am looking for "homework" or assignments that deal with specific things in Bootstrap version 4. That has some kind of solution also or explanation, tutorials on youtube are fine but I learn more by doing and I need lots of examples and solutions to make things stick in my head. Thank for any help

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Quite astute analysis via /r/funny

Why no one takes my sharpie via /r/funny

Looking for a website template where people mentors and mentees can find each other by posting ads and communicating on the site


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Only people of a certain age will get this one. via /r/funny

probably the best note I could ever hope to find pinned to my door via /r/funny

The cat really need to lose some weight via /r/funny

Have a nice trip! via /r/funny

Cinnamon - Peppermint via /r/funny

Indeed via /r/funny

When the wife works a night shift, we have a little fun to pass the time. via /r/funny

Is Group Deal Tools a Scam? Read This Review.

Group Deal Tools is a supposedly new way to make money from home from an overly simplistic method that is not explained enough on their site.

I found this program after re-looking at various work at home sites I know to be pushing scams (I use those sites to see which program they are pushing). From time to time, they change up what they promote and this is the new program that’s being pushed. 

But looking over the page, it’s creator and examining what they claim in how it’s easy to work from home with their system, I decided not to take the “bait” and advise against this program. My reasons for this are actually quite solid and I will explain why in this review. Furthermore, I will actually provide a legitimate system that helps you work from home throughout this review (and it’s coming up shortly).

Quick review of Group Deal Tools:

Full name of the program: Group Deal Tools, Home Profit deal tools review

Creator: Melissa Baker (I have seen her name before in questionable programs, but perhaps she’s a different Melissa Baker…).

Price: $6.95 access for 7 days, then $84.95 monthly. I’m not sure if there will be any further up-sells. 

Overview of program: The problem here is that it’s SUPER vague, they don’t do a good job at all of explaining what it is they teach. They break down the system into 3 steps, but try to explain it more thoroughly and you just can’t. 

My overall rating: 1 out of 10 stars. I have to be honest in saying that I didn’t buy it because I simply do not trust it. 

Programs which don’t explain what they do specifically that ask for money are very risky investments in my experience, and it’s one of the reasons I do not recommend this program.

Recommended? Nope.

Do you recommend another alternative? Yes:

group deal tools alternative

Why I have a hard time trusting Group Deal Tools:

1) Fake news sites link to it.

As I said in the beginning of this review, I bookmark specific work at home websites that are fake. These sites constantly rotate a new program every few weeks and in my experience, most of the time, they are scams. I honestly can’t remember when there was one good program peddled by them. Here’s another example.

In any case, when several questionable sites recommend a work at home program, I’m already on the defense.

2) It just sounds too easy.

As a guy who works from home and knows how realistic it is, but yet knows how simple it isn’t, I can tell you that vague promises of easy money through little or no work are always a red flag to watch out for.

In the case of Group Deal Tools, there is just too much vague information. As good as I am at figuring out how programs work, this is one of those times when I simply can’t even make a prediction on what they’ll teach, that’s how vague they are. And the more vague a program’s explanation is, the more vague it is as a whole and the less recommended it is by me.

I mean throughout their short sales letter, the basic thesis is:

You can make a lot of money with this program (how is not explained).

A Melissa Baker and her husband just signed up, worked a little bit and BAM, made a lot of money (it’s NEVER that simple!).

They give you 3 steps on how it works which basically says, sign up with the program and make money. That’s as deep as the explanation goes…

how group deal tools works

3) The testimonials on the site may have no association with the program.

Fake testimonials are always a bad sign obviously but you need to carefully look for them in order to spot them. In the case of this program, you will see numerous testimonials, some of which cite Group Deal Tools, while others do not. 

While my opinion is that even the ones who do cite Group Deal Tools as working for them, I often see many programs fake these things and just make up text, but who knows, maybe it’s real in this case…

But the ones further below a message that says “big news on the internet”, and there’s 3 screenshots of people. The connection the person who made the site is trying to make is that this program is actually a big deal on the internet, but it’s not so…

group deal tools testimonials

The truth is that these 3 images and people are just regular people who were once interviewed on a news network about making money from home. They have NO association with Group Deal Tools.

I also see those same interviews and videos cited on other work from home sites. They are simply being exploited so people think they are associated with the said work at home programs.

Want more proof? Here’s Group Deal Tools owns words on these testimonials (a screenshot): 

Basically I highlighted in yellow the questionable part. It simply says that the testimonials “may or may not” be associated with the program. What? How is that credible…

If a program is good and you have success stories, shouldn’t you proudly display them on your site? This program doesn’t appear to do that…

4) Paying a lot for very little info beforehand is not recommended.

I know that people who find these types of programs are anxious to find something that works. Believe me, I was once in that spot and know how badly people want to find something that’s legitimate, but people, please think about this:

This program has enough question marks as it is and then it tries to charge you a lot of money for a program which you know very little to nothing about. You have a basic idea of it, but there’s literally no explanation of what you’re getting or learning.

I’ve made enough mistakes in the past buying into programs like these to know better and now I want to relay that lesson to you guys so you don’t make the same mistakes!

At this point, I could keep explaining more questionable things about this whole program, but I really feel like this is enough…

Final Rating: Group Deal Tools.

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. I have 0 belief in this program but I still gave it 1 star for the benefit of the doubt. Being that I didn’t buy it, I can’t give you a 100% assurance that it’s a scam or not, but I can share my years of experience with programs like these and their look alike sales pages I’ve gone through and learned from and how most if not all of them don’t back up their claims.

My final thoughts: 

A legitimate work at home program has to have the following qualifications to be legitimate:

1. I believe it needs to be free to try.

2. It needs to CLEARLY explain what you’re getting into by letting you know what it teaches or what you’ll be doing.

3. There need to be legitimate, direct success stories (like from this program I recommend), not some fake ones or those you may or may not be real…

4. They need to realistically let you know what the odds of you making money from home are. It’s not an easy task for people, that’s the reality, but it is possible (that’s me speaking from experience).

5. It needs to provide great support and help as these things are critical for people to go from just learning to make money from home to actually doing it.

In my opinion on just about single qualification I just named, Group Deal Tools does not meet those expectations

However, my #1 recommendation does meet all these expectations:

I apologize for my review of Group Deal Tools not being more thorough (there’s room for doubt, sure), but I’ve gone through countless programs like these and just have a 6th sense for when not to join something like this. 

from How to Make Honest Money Online

Content Curation Meaning And Examples. How to Become a Pro at it.

As someone who is quite experienced in the field of content curation (my resume in it coming up), I’d like to simply explain what it’s meaning is, give you examples of it.

If you can properly understand and do this, the rewards are limitless and by rewards, I’m talking about making money, becoming popularity, reaching mass audiences and more, and don’t worry, I’ll give you ideas on monetizing off this in this article 🙂

So what is the meaning of content curation?

It’s simply the art of researching and creating more (intelligent) content on whatever online platform you’re usingcontent curation meaning (Here’s a good definition of it via Wikipedia). It could be a blog, a website with articles, a YouTube channel, ect…

-If you have a blog or website, curating content means writing more blog posts or articles on it.

-If you have a YouTube channel, curating content on it means making more videos on your YouTube channel.

It’s pretty simple to understand, but there’s also smart ways to do it and one of those ways is to create specific blogs, articles and videos that attracts a particular audience to that work. 

Here’s specific examples of how content curation works:

-A person who runs a fat loss blog would best benefit from creating information (in the form of a blog, article or video) on it that deals with fat loss topics. 

-A person who has a blog on stock market tips would best benefit from writing more blogging and writing articles on that same topic.

-A person who has a YouTube channel on self defense tips would best benefit from making more videos showing you ways to defend yourself.

You get the point…

Also one of the ways to do this sort of stuff is to research info on whatever topic your website, blog or video channel is aimed at delivering and to make more of it.

So for example, if the same person who creates articles, blogs and videos on fat loss topics runs out of ideas, he or she can just go to other places online, seek out more info and use that to grow their business. Here’s how I do it.

5 major reasons why content curation is so important:

Reason 1:

The internet is growing because there’s more people using it (the stats, it’s over 3 billion). It’s just TOO convenient to go and instantly find info on ANYTHING you want and/or buy so people aren’t going to stop doing this, rather, they’ll do it more often.

And because this whole process is evolving, and getting faster and easier to do, do you really think people are going to neglect using that convenience? Nope!

Reason 2:

As a result, there is demand to provide people with more of this convenience and one of those ways is through website/blogs where people can access that convenience.

Naturally, this demand has made MORE people create more blogs/websites/videos to fill that void. It’s also because they want to make money off it, they want to become more popular, they want to work from home. There is massive demand.

Reason 3:

People who use the internet CRAVE information and once they get it, guess what? They crave even more information and this insatiable craving is one of the MAIN reasons why consistent content curation is so important.

People will just get bored and stop coming to a site or watching a video, unless the owner of those things keeps giving them more reason to stick around, aka curating and creating more info that interests them. 

Not only that but websites, blogs and video channels also lose their steam and audience once they stop creating more of it, so the evolution and survival of your blogs, website/s and video channels revolves around creating more of it.

Reason 4:

There is MASSIVE opportunity/incentive for curators to make money through this demand going on. By getting more people to their digital content (video, website or blog), they can make more money in the process. There is literally a massive internet economy in existence that endlessly grows because of this. I’ll discuss opportunities for monetizing in a moment…

Reason 5: 

I don’t think this demand for curation is going to stop. People will keep looking for info online, they’ll keep buying more things online and because of that and the incentive to make money off that, people with blogs, websites and videos will just keep “leeching” off that demand. 

Here’s my personal success story as a curator:

For about 14 years now, I’ve been creating my own unique work across many websites, article directories and YouTube videos. To put it into numbers, I’ve written:

  • 1,000’s of blog posts. Just this blog itself has over 800 posts (feel free to check it out). 
  • 100’s of articles on directories (I used to write for
  • And made almost a 100 YouTube videos (Here’s my YouTube channel).
  • And here’s a guide to help you with YouTube (to get more views and sales and basically do affiliate marketing on it).

In the process, I’ve attained millions of views, over a million in sales and I guess you could say this is a pretty good lifestyle. I understand the demand and opportunity that is in this digital world and despite that resume, I’m still learning to grow my success in it because the truth is that there’s more work to be done and way more money I could make off blogging, writing articles, making videos and just basically curating more across these platforms.

But being that I’ve done it for so long, and have had a good amount of success doing so, I’d like to share my tips on how to do this too:

3 ways you can become a successful online curator (and make good money):

1) Start a blog and promote products in a niche.

Remember that example I gave with the person who has a fat loss blog? Well you can sell fat loss products. You can do this across any website with just about any topic you can imagine. This is called affiliate marketing and it’s one of my MAIN business models. Learn more.

2) Start a video channel on YouTube and sell niche products too.

There’s a plethora of examples of people who created tons of YouTube videos and provided a link to affiliate products they were selling. The more videos they made, the more viewers they got and this just drove more sales for them. Again I included a link to the tutorial above, but here it is again and it’ll teach you how to sell niche products straight from the YouTube videos you create.

3) Become a freelance writer.

Do you really think I had an easy time writing 1,000’s of blogs and articles all on my own? Clearly not, but even though it’s a lot, I do have multiple websites and to keep up the pace of writing for all of them is near impossible and maddening for a single person to do.

So I need help, freelance help that is. And guess what? So do tons of websites and blogs, and being a freelance writer who helps these people out provides YOU with a great income if you’re good at it. A freelance writer is basically just another word for curator who writes blogs and articles for sites.

Believe me, if you know how to write well, and you know where to advertise your services, you will become a sought after individual. People, online companies and blogs will seek your services and pay you A LOT to have you write for them. Trust me, they are CRAVING good freelance writers and in desperate need of them. 

Here’s a great way to start and become a successful content curator:

If you are basically in step 1 of this whole topic, where you’re just getting into it and don’t know how to get started, the best way to do this is to get training. I didn’t just get to 1,000’s of articles when I started, I worked my way up to it, but I became knowledgeable and successful at doing that via this program:

But it’s not just about writing stuff, it’s about knowing how and what to write as well as what video content to create. That program will teach you ALL of that and how to get paid from it.

from How to Make Honest Money Online

Ooo... I Remember This Last One!.. via /r/funny

This kid is going places! via /r/funny

You ever just fill a bag with mayonnaise and fall backwards, just to see what sound it makes? via /r/funny

These Companies Pay for College for Employees – Even Part-Timers

Feeling like everyone else is more skilled than me..

I got accepted to a Masters program (after being waitlisted) that I really wanted to go to. However, now that I'm looking at the accepted students portfolios (it's a web media masters) I just feel bad about my skills. Everyone is so talented and many are really good at animation and I already feel like I'm the worst among them. During my undergrad I was one of the top students in my department, however, the university wasn't that good. It's good that I'll be surrounded by creative people but I can't stop but think that I won't be as good as the others and they'll have better job opportunities afterwards. I'm even thinking of going to another Masters program that I've been accepted to that doesn't require much technical skills. Do you think I should go for this Masters?

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16 Easy To Start Side Hustles for Introverts

Frugal For Less Frugal For Less - Make And Save Money With Little Effort Are you an introvert looking for a side hustle perfect to match your personality? If you're introverted, you might shy away...

[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

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Batter up via /r/funny

Question for WebGL / three.js experts about 3D models with texture swap

Hello! I wan't to display a textured 3D model on a website which should be able to have its texture swapped when clicking on a button that is placed next to it. The idea is to show a human body with different zones highlighted and instead of making multiple models, I thought of using a single model and provide different textures that will get swapped out.

My question now is, what is the right approach to do something like this? Should the files be .obj + .mtl + texture.png or is gltf + bin + texture a better way? I managed to create this with a .glb file but since that single file contains model and texture in one, I would have to swap the whole file each time, which is very inefficient. I used googles model viewer for that, I have no experience with three.js at all. I hope someone can point me in the right direction as this is very overwhelming for a webdesigner that has just basic knowledge of html/css/js.

If you have any examples or tips, it would help me out a ton!

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This store.... via /r/funny

Prisoner of Home via /r/funny

Throwing a dildo into the neighbors window via /r/funny

New Airpods leeked via /r/funny

Champion level musical chairs via /r/funny

Is the golden ratio a pure cognitive bias in term of beauty-impact?

Im wondering if the golden ratio have been scientifically proofed to release beauty-impact on an artwork or if it is just us designers that repeat that the golden ratio

make element visually proportioned and appealing

Where are the fact dears fellows? is there any scientific experiment on this subject?

thanks for any hint

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Friday, June 28, 2019

“I was like,’Emilio!’” via /r/funny

These guys know how to have fun. via /r/funny

Question: Dynamic/Video background for scary story.

I’m trying to establish my own website with short horror stories that I’ve written, and I think a dynamic background/audio setup to fit every story/chapter would really help me to stand out. Any tips/tricks/how-to’s?

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Waiting via /r/funny

Feedback Friday - June 28, 2019

Create something? Let's see it!

Feedback Requestors

Please use the following format



Technologies Used:

Feedback Requested: (e.g. general, usability, code review, or specific element)


Post your site along with your stack and technologies used and receive feedback from the community. Please refrain from just posting a link and instead give us a bit of a background about your creation.

Feel free to request general feedback or specify feedback in a certain area like user experience, usability, design, or code review.

Feedback Providers

  • Please post constructive feedback. Simply saying, "That's good" or "That's bad" is useless feedback. Explain why.
  • Consider providing concrete feedback about the problem rather than the solution. Saying, "get rid of red buttons" doesn't explain the problem. Saying "your site's success message being red makes me think it's an error" provides the problem. From there, suggest solutions.
  • Be specific. Vague feedback rarely helps.
  • Again, focus on why.
  • Always be respectful

Template Markup



**Technologies Used**:

**Feedback Requested**:


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Dear Penny: I’m 54 With No Retirement Savings. How Do I Get Started?

Dear E.,

Investment firms produce fancy charts that claim to tell you how much you should have saved at any given age. According to the charts, a person in their mid-50s should have anywhere from five to eight times their annual earnings in a retirement account.

But chartland is a perfect world. It’s one where we all start saving for retirement at age 22, where our wages and the stock market keep growing, and where we always have access to a 401(k) with an employer match.

Then, there’s the real world.

A 2016 report from the Government Accountability Office found that 29% of households headed by someone over 55 had no retirement savings and no defined-benefit retirement plan, such as a pension.

So your predicament is common, unfortunately. But you still have options that can make your retirement years a lot more comfortable.

Let’s start with the obvious: If you have access to a 401(k), enrolling in your employer’s plan and taking advantage of any match is a must. You can contribute up to $25,000 in 2019 since you’re over 50; for workers under 50, the limit is $19,000.

But let’s be real: A lot of people aren’t saving for retirement because they don’t have access to an employer-sponsored plan.

Since you have $30,000 in your savings account, I suggest opening a Roth IRA stat. (Seriously, like as soon as you finish this column.)

You can open and fund a Roth IRA to the max if you have taxable income that doesn’t exceed $122,000 a year, or $193,000 if you’re married. You can easily open one online. Since it sounds like you’re new to investing, consider using a robo-adviser, which will select investments for you based on your goals.

Start by investing $7,000 in your account, which is the 2019 maximum amount someone over 50 can contribute to an IRA. Then make it a priority to fund it to the max every year.

If you contribute $7,000 now and then continue to invest $7,000 until you reach age 70, you’d have nearly $200,000 saved, assuming a 6% average annual rate of return. It certainly won’t buy you a cushy retirement, but it will make things easier.

The great thing about a Roth IRA is that it’s funded using money you’ve already paid taxes on, so you won’t owe taxes when you withdraw it later on.

So now that leaves you with $23,000. You should leave about three months’ living expenses set aside in savings for emergencies.

If you have money left over beyond that, using it to pay off debt is one of the best investments you can make. Your retirement will be a lot more comfortable without a mortgage or consumer debt.

But if you’re debt-free, you could open a taxable investment account to accrue more retirement savings.

You should also plan to wait as long as possible to take Social Security. If you take Social Security at 62, your benefit will be 30% lower than if you can wait until you’re 67.

Ultimately, when you delay saving for retirement, you should plan to work longer and live on less. But you do have options for building a nest egg, even when you get a late start.

Robin Hartill is a senior editor at The Penny Hoarder and the voice behind Dear Penny. Send your questions about saving for retirement to

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

from Make Money – The Penny Hoarder

Crosswalk warrior. via /r/funny

Beginner Questions - June 28, 2019

If you're new to web design and would like to ask experienced and professional web designers a question, please post below.


  • Remember, that questions that have context and are clear and specific generally are answered while broad, sweeping questions are generally ignored.

  • Be polite and consider upvoting helpful responses.

  • If you can answer questions, take a few minutes to help others out as you ask others to help you.

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I'ma yeetle this beetle via /r/funny

Freelancing Options

Apologies if this seems a long winded question, I'm just very curious as how to approach the current situation I'm in.

So I've had a keen interest for web development for quite a while now and would know how to make a website with HTML, CSS and JS in areas and also allow it to become responsive etc. So I've done a lot of work myself to practice and try to become better at it as a whole.

I ideally want to get into freelance web development in the end, but unsure on how it works in the sense of editors. So I've never actually used wordpress, however read that it takes up something ridiculous like 30% of the websites available, however true that is.

And I know it can make everything a lot easier for web developers. But I've recently come into use of a site called Sitejet which to me seems like a similar Wordpress alternative, where you don't have to write the code from pure scratch, and can use designed themes/plugins etc but also have the ability to do all the core code yourself. It's not really a WYSIWYG editor.

I was wondering if as a freelancer, you're going to fall behind if you don't use these kind of services, the biggest example being wordpress. As this site has allowed me to host, get a registered domain all in one place. Whereas before I've used FTP applications like Cyber Duck and external hosting platforms.

Is this cheating?

Are you considering a free lance web developer if you aren't starting with a blank sublime text document and making it from there?

Any help in the slightest is appreciated here please as I don't know the route I need to take forward!

Thanks very much.

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Better Search UX Through Microcopy

8 Ways to Keep Your Startup Positively Aligned

When companies become misaligned, different departments may be working toward entirely different goals – in some cases, these goals may be at odds with each other. This is a challenge for the best companies out there, not to mention a startup in the midst of rapid growth. The result is a lack of collaboration as well as a lack of a shared vision and internal conflict.

In some cases, misalignment can even be fatal. More than 90 percent of startups have been known to fail; not because of the competition, but by self-destruction.

Company alignment may be simultaneously simple to understand and also abstract. Often, however, it’s a concept that’s difficult to execute and put into practice. That’s exactly why this blog post will take you through actionable ways that you can keep your startup in alignment.

1. Your Mission Should Be Your Foundation

The foundation of company alignment is having a shared mission or purpose. Before you can think about aligning your team along revenue targets and other objectives, you need to unite your team with a more powerful vision first – your mission.

Your mission should be one that’s short, memorable and specific

More specifically, what are you trying to do for your customers? Take Google’s mission statement, for instance: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Think of your mission as a “theme” or motto or phrase – just a few words. Your mission should be one that’s short, memorable and specific.

The purpose of this mission is that it provides your team with the a broader perspective about what they are doing and, most importantly, why. It unites them around a more powerful vision – one that transcends revenue-based objectives.

The second component is then aligning your mission with your specific revenue targets, growth goals and other similar objectives (more on this to come). The idea behind this is that your targets become tied to something arguably much more powerful that your team members can personally connect with.

As you will see, in the chaos of a startup, a motto is something that everyone will find easy to remember. It can serve as a powerful mechanism for keeping your entire team aligned and simultaneously moving together toward your goals.

2. Clearly Define Your Goals & Objectives at the Top

This may seem like an obvious step, but it bears repeating: Your startup likely has goals and priorities, but it’s important that these are as clear as possible.

there will be things that you will need to say ‘no’ to

You also need to figure out what’s most important at this very moment. There will always be other things that you could be devoting attention to, but it’s a CEO’s job to stay focused on the most important goals at the present moment.

To put it another way: there will be things that you will need to say ‘no’ to.

But, why is this so important? Because it ensures that the CEO models this behaviour from the top down. When other priorities start to trickle in, you risk contaminating the entire team by leading them in alternate directions. This can be disastrous for startups because it can slow progress whereas, by nature, startups have to move quickly.

3. Align Departmental Goals With The Company’s

Once you have clearly defined your company’s goals at the top level, the next step is to ensure that: a) Your entire team understands what you’re working toward at the highest level, and b) You determine sub-objectives for each department (sales, marketing, accounting, etc.) and that they are tied to and help accomplish your company’s broader goals.

Having your own company objectives is important, but what does this mean for all of the other departments? Make that clear and ensure everyone is contributing to the greater whole – which is ultimately at the essence of company alignment.

You can also take this one step further by connecting departmental sub-objectives with your broader mission. In doing so, your goals become infused with meaning. Put another way, employees start to believe in the ‘why’ of what you’re doing, which is essential in getting them to act.

It’s one thing for your employees to understand your goals but it’s a whole other thing for them to actually believe in them.

4. Translate Goals Into Clearly Defined Actions

Once you have set your goals (both at the top level and at the departmental level), it’s important to determine how these goals can be further refined into clearly defined actions that both you and departments can work toward.

Here’s an example: It’s one thing to set a goal of losing 10 pounds but in order to accomplish that goal you need to refine the action steps that will move you in that direction (for example: eating healthier, starting a fitness plan, etc.).

So, start off by outlining two or three objectives and then breaking those goals into more concrete steps and even measurable metrics that will actually be your team’s focus.

5. Repetition is Key

In a startup, things move quickly. The content of meetings just a week ago can become like a distant memory. That’s why it’s so important for management to make it a point to go over your objectives on a daily basis.

It’s not enough to communicate your goals one time – this is a continual process.

One of the best ways to do this? Go back to your mission (step one). By connecting your objectives with your broader mission statement, you can easily reinforce these goals and keep them at the forefront of your startup without having to continually go into the specifics of those goals.

6. Regularly Review Progress

While it’s important to have clearly defined goals and action steps, it’s arguably equally important to review the progress of these action steps on a regular basis (at least monthly but ideally bi-weekly).

Management will likely find that teams will not be working in alignment at first, so it’s a good idea to ensure that everyone recognizes that this process will be a slow one – one that will require continual nudges in the direction of your goals.

misalignment doesn’t just happen overnight, it’s a slow process

Reviewing your progress on a regular basis not only gives your team the opportunity to redirect wherever necessary, but it also serves as a continual reminder of your company’s objectives.

Remember, too, that misalignment doesn’t just happen overnight, it’s a slow process. That’s why regularly reviewing your goals (and, more specifically, the action steps) will keep your company on the right track.

One of the best ways to track progress? Having an internal dashboard that is set up on the wall for all team members to see.

7. Daily Stand-ups for Everyone

Stand-ups – daily meetings where employees report on what they’re working on are a mainstay of software companies (and, more specifically, engineering teams).

However, there is a lot of value that can come from having involvement from everyone – or at least the core teams.

Communal stand-ups give an opportunity for all teams to share what they’re working on, to collaborate with one another and ultimately to keep your goals at the very culture of your startup.

8. Celebrate Success (But Also Be Transparent About Challenges)

It’s important to take the time to highlight success stories of team members or even entire departments that are working toward and hitting company’s goals. A great example is a team lunch.

Celebrating these milestones creates a culture of teamwork and reinforces your objectives.

Of course, it’s important to also be transparent as far as numbers go and to give insight into any challenges as well. This, too, creates transparency within your organization and ensures that everyone is always on the same page.

Wrapping It Up

Above all, the key to keeping company alignment is a solid foundation: a mission that unites your entire team. From there, top company goals and sub-departmental objectives should work in tandem so that everyone is contributing to the greater whole.

This shared mission, however, is the glue that holds your startup together. As your team grows, your mission (and, more specifically, your values) are what will guide management as they make a myriad of decisions, including those that have to do with hiring.

Throw in continually measuring progress, stand-ins and celebrating milestones and you have a recipe for success when it comes to ensuring that your entire organization is working toward a common goal.

Lastly, recognize that keeping company alignment is a continual process – after all, your goals and objectives will continue to change over time. Eventually, however, the process of setting clear goals and continually working toward them as a team will simply become part of your company culture.


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