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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Question about server logs when links get clicked.

This is probably a weird question but I've been pretty interested in website design and how things work behind the scenes.

If you search for reddit in the google search bar and then click the reddit link, i know that google makes a log that shows what link you clicked. I also know that reddit makes a log to with the referral and the link that you clicked to visit their site.

What happens if something prevents the page from opening though?

As an example, say you click on the reddit link while your still in the google search results page, and you get one of those popups that say "complete action using", where you have to choose to use the reddit app or the browser.

If you decide to back out and not use either of those, is a log still made for that link?

If so, do both sites still get that log or just google?

Does it work like this for most sites or does it depend?

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