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Friday, May 31, 2019

Device viewport sizes?

Device viewport sizes?

I've used in the past before, but it doesn't seem to have the latest 2019 iPads. In fact a lot of sites seemed to have stopped adding devices in the past few years.

Chrome/Firefox inspector responsive mode device list is also generic and doesn't have all the latest devices (I didn't expect it to), and while you can add your own, I must be inputting it correctly since it doesn't display as expected:

And if it expects me to know the viewport size of the screen ahead of time, I don't know how to calculate that from the physical device resolution that manufactures typically only provide . I'm aware devices scale the screen for legibility.

I don't need this list often, and I'll still debug on the actual device itself, but it's usually a good start and approximation to test on. I feel like this shouldn't be so difficult. Someone save me? Perhaps there is some repository where people put new device info into including CSS viewport sizes?

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