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Friday, May 31, 2019

Converting website to a responsive framework on a legacy platform or switch platform entirely?

I currently run and develop an e-commerce website that uses a legacy platform (oscommerce).

We actually don't have too many issues in terms of our back end/admin but the front end of our site is definitely overdue for some drastic changes.

Our website is not mobile optimized in the slightest. We have some pages that are responsive partially, but basically the entire front end must be redeveloped as there is no responsive menu etc. The site is crap on mobile.

I am extremely hesitant to switch to other platforms as it is not essential really besides the look of the front of the website.

Shopify/magento/woocommerce would both cost a lot more long term compared to what we are paying right now in terms of monthly fees as well as payment processing and addons. besides the cost of monthly subscription, and addons the cost of the credit card processing fees alone are way higher than what we have managed to get to with our current processor. Anyways that is more of a business decision and should be posted in a different subreddit anyways.

needless to say the website would look a lot better on one of those platforms but the added functionality (or loss of functionality in some cases) does not compel me to make that kind of switch. Our current website is not out of the box oscommerce it has been customized a lot over the years so it does not look bad and has a custom feel which I feel a lot of e-com stores lack (although a lot of the feel comes from product photography anyways).

I feel like I am stuck a bit. I don't mind hiring out the job to develop a responsive framework for us. We pay a lot in ppc and the cost to have a mobile site at this point needed. but I don't want to throw away money on designing/converting the website to a new framework only to have to scrap it so soon after.

I guess what my question comes down to is:

  1. do you think it is a large job to convert the website to become responsive what would a ballpark cost be?
  2. Is it a better idea to bite the bullet and switch to a newer platform shortcomings and all?
  3. Any developers on here looking for this type of work? Not sure if this is allowed here..
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