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Thursday, March 7, 2019


bitcoin cloud mining

Join Wawex cloud mining site for free here and get 500gh/s mining power bonus

Cloud mining is the best way to earn bitcoins online since it is an automatic process and does not require you to be online for you to mine the Bitcoins. This is one aspect that has made me embrace bitcoin cloud mining and even as i am recommending to you this free cloud mining site, i want you to know that i use this site to earn both Bitcoin, Dodgecoin and dollar as you can see in my Youtube video below.

Wawex is the best free cloud mining site ion 2019, Yeah, Wawex is the name of this cryptocurrency cloud mining website and it is a legit website. The good thing about wawex is that you can start mining bitcoins online just for free. This is because upon joining, you will be immediately credited with 500 GH/S cloud mining power as registration bonus and wioth this Bitcoin cloud mining power bonus of 500 GH/S, you will be able to mine at least one dollar worth of bitcoins and dodgecoins every week which you can withdraw if you want to. However, i suggest that you reinvest like i did when i was a new wawex user.

Join Wawex cloud mining site for free here and get 500gh/s mining power bonus

When i first joined Wawex cloud mining site and was given this free 500GH/S mining power, i kept reinvesting for more mining power each time i acquired one dollar on my Wawex account. This steadily increased my mining power from 500 gh/s to 2000 gh/s and it also increased the mining speed. With 2000 gh/s, i started earning 4 dollars every week and remember, this is a passive online income since you are not required to do any task other than to register for free and keep reinvesting the mined bitcoins. There are people who invest their money into the wawex cloud mining site which indeed is a very good idea and they really get good and hefty returns on the invested money.

However, for my case, i had limited funds hence i did not have any investment to spare for cloud mining at the time of joining this cloud mining site. This is why i used this strategy to reinvest whatever little bitcoins or dodge coins that have been mined on my wawex account. i do not regret this decision since though it takes time, i was patient until i achieved 2000 gh/s. Currently, i am still reinvesting since i want to acquire up to 10, 000 gh/s cloud mining power. 10, 000 gh/s will be enough top earn me $50 every week passive online income for lifetime. On my opinion, bitcoin cloud mining is the best way to make money online without doing anything.

Other than the Wawex cloud mining site, there are still other free cloud mining sites that i use to earn money online.

See other free cloud mining sites i use here.

I use multiple sites since my plan is to diversify my sources of income. I want to earn money online from many different sources and all this money comes to one account. In fact, this is the way everyone who wants to become an online entrepreneur should go. I recommend that you read my other article recommended below. In that article, i will show you other legit free bitcoin cloud mining websites that i use to mine bitcoins, dodgecoins, ethereum, litecoin and other smaller cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are a legit investment and no one should have any doubts about them, you can join wawex and start cloud mining with thew free 500 gh/s mining power bonus as proof if you have doubts yet.

Join free wawex cloud mining site here

I am now winding up on this article and as i do so, i will request that if you have got any opinion or question, feel free to drop it at the comments section below and i will respond diligently, see you in the next article and do not forget to watch the video below to see my wawex cloud mining account as it mines live. You should also consider to subscribe to BlackMan via email below so that we can always keep in touch.

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