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Friday, March 15, 2019

Freelance data entry job with no investment, easiest online job

2 captcha payment proof
Data Entry

Data entry work is real and you can infact earn money doing simple data entry work. Now, in this article, i want to tell you about a website that i use to do simple  data entry work  and earn around 50 dollars every week. Now, data entry jobs come in various ways  and this method that am presenting  to you right now is one of the easiest data entry jobs that you can find online. This is a website by the name 2 captcha. Now, in 2 captcha, you will earn money by solving simple captures online and the good thing about 2 captcha is that you can cash out at a minimum of only $0.5, yes, the minimum withdrawal amount of 2 captcha is only 0.5 dollars.


This little withdrawal amount is what makes 2 captcha a unique website and also the fact that this is one of the most easiest online jobs on the internet. I have worked on 2 captcha many times and earned money and even right now, i am still working with this website. Now, how 2 captcha is able to pay you is that that clients pay 2 captcha to have captchas solved for their different automated services. You know the captchas asking you to prove you are not a robot?, yes, clients pay to have  these captchas solved for them as they mind other businesses. This is where now people like you and me are needed to solve these captures and you will be paid.

Now, 2 captcha pays 0.3 dollars for every 1000 captchas solved and remember you can cash out at only 0.5 dollars, this means that you will be cashing out for every 1500 captchas that you solve, When you join 2 captcha you will immediately start earning. You can join 2 captcha below.


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