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Thursday, March 28, 2019

$3 live withdrawal passive online income | WAWEX payment proof | Kenya

via IFTTT I am showing you live as I withdraw $3.74 from my WAWEX Bitcoin cloud mining account to my perfect money account. WAWEX offers you the opportunity to earn free Bitcoins, dodgecoin and dollar which you mine just for free, the good part of this is that it is passive, you just register for a free WAWEX account, you will be given free 500 GH/s mining power bonus and you wait for mining to take place. The minimum withdrawal amount in Wawex is only $1... JOIN Wawex free cloud mining site and get free 500 gh/s bonus now here: For more opportunities to earn money online, visit my website at: where i will list for you all the easy opportunities to make money online, Follow me on twitter at: Request for a professionally created website blog for only $2, this offer is almost over, hurry up befor it too late, order here :

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Fast miner Bitcoin Cloud Mining - no investment - earn free bitcoins

Fastminer is a free bitcoin Cloud Mining site that gives you the opportunity to earn free bitcoins online, it mines very fast and you can be sure to earn a sustainable online income using this free bitcoin cloud mining site. Fast miner pays its users on time and it is a very good place to earn free bitcoins fast with no investment.
Join now.

 fastminer payment proof

Earn $23 per hour teaching simple English online | earn money online in Kenya

via IFTTT Yes, you read it right, you can now earn 23 dollars per hour teaching simple English online, this is so easy and is infact one of the best ways to earn money online. For More information on how to earn money online visit: Earn 23$ per hour here:

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

CLD-Mine - free bitcoin cloud mining - cryptocurrency mining offline - no investment


CLD one of the best free cryptocurrency cloud mining sites out there that you can indeed use to mine cryptocurrencies. One thing about CLD mine is that it has so many cryptocurrencies to mine and the good thing is that you can start for free with no investment, this is a free cloud mining site. Below i will show you some of the cryptocurrencies available to mine and you will see that i the blackman am already participating in this free cloud mining platform and you will see my litecoin is almost filling up for withdrawal. Join CLD now and receive 30gh/s free mining power.

 free cld bitcoin cloud mining

Below are just some of the cryptocurrencies you can mine on CLD mine, join today and start earning money online passively through free bitcoin cloud mining.




















Best Ethereum free cloud mining site - Ethonline - No investment

 free cryptocurrency cloud mining- ethonline payment proof

This is the best free cloud mining site for Etherum since it gives you the opportunity of mining Ethereum just passively by doing nothing. No investment, Remember that 1 Ethereum equals to 100 dollars at the current price market, Once you register, your ethereum automatically starts mining even when you are offline, this is the best site to mine Ethereum in 2019 and the good thing is that registration is free.

Join now and start earning Ethereum while you sleep, am not kidding, see yourself.

 Join for free ethereum free cloud mining

Monday, March 25, 2019

Wawex pro- Free Bitcoin Cloud Mining payment proof

 free bitcoin cloud mining

We offer you an opportunity to mine Bitcoin, Dodgecoin and Dollar. All coins mine automatically while you are doing nothing, just register for a free account and let the mining take place. This is free Bitcoin Cloud Mining. Join now and start earning.

Minimum withdrawal is $1

 free bitcoin cloud mining

Top 3 best Google AdSense alternatives for new bloggers to earn money online blogging


Friday, March 15, 2019

Freelance data entry job with no investment, easiest online job

2 captcha payment proof
Data Entry

Data entry work is real and you can infact earn money doing simple data entry work. Now, in this article, i want to tell you about a website that i use to do simple  data entry work  and earn around 50 dollars every week. Now, data entry jobs come in various ways  and this method that am presenting  to you right now is one of the easiest data entry jobs that you can find online. This is a website by the name 2 captcha. Now, in 2 captcha, you will earn money by solving simple captures online and the good thing about 2 captcha is that you can cash out at a minimum of only $0.5, yes, the minimum withdrawal amount of 2 captcha is only 0.5 dollars.


This little withdrawal amount is what makes 2 captcha a unique website and also the fact that this is one of the most easiest online jobs on the internet. I have worked on 2 captcha many times and earned money and even right now, i am still working with this website. Now, how 2 captcha is able to pay you is that that clients pay 2 captcha to have captchas solved for their different automated services. You know the captchas asking you to prove you are not a robot?, yes, clients pay to have  these captchas solved for them as they mind other businesses. This is where now people like you and me are needed to solve these captures and you will be paid.

Now, 2 captcha pays 0.3 dollars for every 1000 captchas solved and remember you can cash out at only 0.5 dollars, this means that you will be cashing out for every 1500 captchas that you solve, When you join 2 captcha you will immediately start earning. You can join 2 captcha below.


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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Get paid to watch videos, Earn money online watching videos

get paid to watch videos online

Did you know you can get paid online or you can earn money online by watching videos, right, this is because video views have now become some sought of online treasure. The main reason that brings this about is the emergence of video hopsting websites like Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Twitch and some otherrs like Youku in  China which will pay  depending on the views and engagements videos receive.

This is what brings about the opportuntiy to earn money online watching videos since the people who host their videos on the websites i have mentioned above go to anopther extent wheree they pay some other website in order to receive more views. These websites in turn will pay users like you and me about 80% of this money top watch the videos so that they can be able to deliver these views to those who have paid for them.

Now, in this article, i want to show you this website that goes by the name Timebucks. Timebucks is a legit website offering opportunities to earn money online and one of the best ways to earn money online that they offer is by paying users like me and you to watch videos online and get paid. I will tell you openly that timebucks pays around $0.010 for every video that you watch for only 30 seconds. While this may seem to be a little amount, i will tell you that it ain't since there are alot of videos to be watched on Timebucks and with every video that you watch for only 30 seconds and get paid $0.010, this money will add up very fast.

Join TimeBucks here and start earning....

Something else i lopve about timebucks is that you would be able to cashout via paypal which most people use onlineincluding me. Another thing is that the minimum payout of timebucks is only $10 unlike other websites which put their minimum payout to more than this. $10 is pretty easy to achieve on TimeBucks.

Other offers that Timebucks has that  will enable you to earn more money include surveys, you can expect to get atleast $1 on every completed survey. They also have other offers  which you can explore. By signing up below, you will receive a $1 free bonus immediately you join Timebucks.

Join TimeBucks here and start earning....

Monday, March 11, 2019

How to be successful in YouTube and earn money

Monetize Youtube
Earn Money On Youtube

YouTube is the main media outlet right now,it is the trend during this season and people are earning full time income online from YouTube. These are YouTube content creators also popularly known as You-tubers. If you are able to create engaging content, going viral on YouTube is very easy and you will be able top start earning money on YouTube very easily.

YouTube pays content creators who have at least 1000 subscribers on their channel and if they are receiving much engagements in form of views. YouTube is able to do this by serving ads in between the videos and thus when a Youtubers channel receives much views, they will earn so much money online from the YouTube ads. These advertisements are from companies, brands and different people who have paid to have advertisements served to their target audience. Advertisers are able to so through Google adwords since YouTube is owned by Google.

Creating authentic content is key to growing on YouTube. You have to make sure that your content engages people and by doing so, you will be able to build up an audience. What so many people who are starting out on YouTube do not know is that more subscribers come when you have an audience. The more you create engaging content, the more fans you will have and hence the more your YouTube subscribers will increase.

Having a large subscriber base is very advantageous since you will have the opportunity to receive free YouTube organic views every time you upload a video, this is because your subscribers will be notified of your new video and the video will also appear on their YouTube news feed. This is so crucial to the growth of any YouTube channel.

Please allow me to wind up on this piece of article and as i do so, i will request that if you have got any questions or opinions, just feel free to drop them at the comments section below and i will look into them and respond. See you in the next article.

You can consider watching the video below and see how you can get free YouTube subscribers fast and grow your YouTube channel.


Saturday, March 9, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 incredible features

The Samsung galaxy S10 smart phone. Samsung is now celebrating it's 10th anniversary Galaxy S10 smartphone. This is after the mobile company launched the Samsung Galaxy S10 with incredible features. Each of the new model Samsung launches is always more impressive than the one before. The Galaxy S10 5G is considered to be the first 5G network smartphone that Samsung has launched.

Samsung smartphone company is still seeking to top as the top smartphone producing brand in the world and i can say they have been able to keep up with the tough competition out there by topping the charts after iphone. Some of the features that the Samsung Galaxy S10 has are:

  • Edge to edge tough screen.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S10 can wirelessly charge another smartphone device.
  • The S10 has an ultra sonic in screen fingerprint reader. This is the first in the world and it unlocks the phone just by use of sound waves.
  • The S10 has four rear cameras.
  • It also has 1 TB built in storage, wow, this is a lot.
  • Has the new version of UI named android pie.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S10 also has a cutting edge snapdragon 855 processor.
  • And not forgetting the 5G capabilities that the Samsung S10 is also equipped with.
  • The phone also has different colors.

  • You can also expect to buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 for at least 1000 dollars.
That is all i had to share with you about the Samsung Galaxy S10 phone. I normally do not review phones on this website but i just felt that i had to share with you about the incredible features of this Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone and what specially fascinates me with the S10 smartphone is the 1 TB internal storage that it has.

As always, i request that if you have any opinions or questions, just feel free to drop them at the comments section below and i will get back to you, see you in the next articles....

Friday, March 8, 2019

Erick Omondi Youtube earnings revealed.

Erick Omondi is one of the best and he is also the funniest man in Africa. See how much he earns from youtube in the Video below.


If you have any opinions or questions, please feel free to drop them at the comments section below.

Thursday, March 7, 2019


bitcoin cloud mining

Join Wawex cloud mining site for free here and get 500gh/s mining power bonus

Cloud mining is the best way to earn bitcoins online since it is an automatic process and does not require you to be online for you to mine the Bitcoins. This is one aspect that has made me embrace bitcoin cloud mining and even as i am recommending to you this free cloud mining site, i want you to know that i use this site to earn both Bitcoin, Dodgecoin and dollar as you can see in my Youtube video below.

Wawex is the best free cloud mining site ion 2019, Yeah, Wawex is the name of this cryptocurrency cloud mining website and it is a legit website. The good thing about wawex is that you can start mining bitcoins online just for free. This is because upon joining, you will be immediately credited with 500 GH/S cloud mining power as registration bonus and wioth this Bitcoin cloud mining power bonus of 500 GH/S, you will be able to mine at least one dollar worth of bitcoins and dodgecoins every week which you can withdraw if you want to. However, i suggest that you reinvest like i did when i was a new wawex user.

Join Wawex cloud mining site for free here and get 500gh/s mining power bonus

When i first joined Wawex cloud mining site and was given this free 500GH/S mining power, i kept reinvesting for more mining power each time i acquired one dollar on my Wawex account. This steadily increased my mining power from 500 gh/s to 2000 gh/s and it also increased the mining speed. With 2000 gh/s, i started earning 4 dollars every week and remember, this is a passive online income since you are not required to do any task other than to register for free and keep reinvesting the mined bitcoins. There are people who invest their money into the wawex cloud mining site which indeed is a very good idea and they really get good and hefty returns on the invested money.

However, for my case, i had limited funds hence i did not have any investment to spare for cloud mining at the time of joining this cloud mining site. This is why i used this strategy to reinvest whatever little bitcoins or dodge coins that have been mined on my wawex account. i do not regret this decision since though it takes time, i was patient until i achieved 2000 gh/s. Currently, i am still reinvesting since i want to acquire up to 10, 000 gh/s cloud mining power. 10, 000 gh/s will be enough top earn me $50 every week passive online income for lifetime. On my opinion, bitcoin cloud mining is the best way to make money online without doing anything.

Other than the Wawex cloud mining site, there are still other free cloud mining sites that i use to earn money online.

See other free cloud mining sites i use here.

I use multiple sites since my plan is to diversify my sources of income. I want to earn money online from many different sources and all this money comes to one account. In fact, this is the way everyone who wants to become an online entrepreneur should go. I recommend that you read my other article recommended below. In that article, i will show you other legit free bitcoin cloud mining websites that i use to mine bitcoins, dodgecoins, ethereum, litecoin and other smaller cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are a legit investment and no one should have any doubts about them, you can join wawex and start cloud mining with thew free 500 gh/s mining power bonus as proof if you have doubts yet.

Join free wawex cloud mining site here

I am now winding up on this article and as i do so, i will request that if you have got any opinion or question, feel free to drop it at the comments section below and i will respond diligently, see you in the next article and do not forget to watch the video below to see my wawex cloud mining account as it mines live. You should also consider to subscribe to BlackMan via email below so that we can always keep in touch.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Highest earning Youtubers in 2019

Highest Earning Youtubers in 2019
Highest earning Youtubers in 2019

YouTube is a platform which has so much activities each and every minute. There are people consuming content and there are creators creating YouTube content for consumption by consumers. YouTube has now become a household name even penetrating in the deep parts of Africa. YouTube too has become a full time source of income for many people who have acquired the name You tubers. Some Youtubers have defied the odds on YouTube by getting more YouTube subscribers and hence earning millions of dollars from their YouTube channels.

In this article, i just wanted to share with you top earning Youtubers in 2019 who indeed earn money on YouTube and not just earning money from Youtube, they earn much more than any other Youtubers.

The first Youtuber in my list is Daniel Middleton. This man has a Youtube channel named DanTDM with 19 million YouTube subscribers. DanTDM earns a whooping $17 million per month from his YouTube channel. You will be surprised that his is a gaming channel and Daniel makes money online by recording himself while playing the mine craft games, after all, gaming is not a waste of time if you do it with strategy. Daniel Middleton is from the United Kingdom.


Visit DanTDM youtube channel here.

The second highest YouTube earner of 2019 who happens to be on my list is Evan Fong. His you tube channel goes by the name VanossGaming. Evanbg Fong has 23 million YouTube subscribers and he earns a monthly income of $16 million from his gaming you tube channel. Evans videos have a very distinctive editing style which earns him a lot of fans. Evan Fong is from Canada and he was born in the year 1992. He features different gaming topics on his channel.


Visit Vanoss TGaming channel here.

Dude perfect is the third highest earning in YouTube 2019 who is on my list. Dude perfect has 31 million YouTube subscribers and he manages to earn $14.5 million on a monthly basis. You will be surprised to know that Dude perfect channel is comprised of 5 members. Their channel features sports activities and some comedy aspects. Recently, the Dude perfect even launched their android and ios app named Dude Perfect. Their channel is one of the most subscribed YouTube channel.

 Dude Perfect

Visit Dude perfect Youtube channel here.

Mark Edward Fischbach is the fourth person who earns the most in YouTube. His YouTube channel goes by the name Markplier and he earns 12.5 million dollars monthly. The Markplier channel has only got 20 million subscribers and you will be surprised to know that his too is a gaming channel. It seems that YouTube gaming channels are so popular and receiving huge audiences and earning their owners a lot of money online. Markpliers is into the indies and horror video games.


See Markipliers Youtube channel here.

Logan Paul comes fifth on this listing. Logan Paul has 17 million YouTube subscribers and he earns 12 million dollars on a monthly basis. Logan paul earns his viewership by posting videos of controversial behaviors which has seen him rise to popularity.

 Logan Paul

Visit Logan Pauls Channel here and see for yourself

The sixth and last person in my listing is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg whose YouTube channel goes by the name Piew Die Pie. You might be already acquainted to this name since Piew Die Pie has been known to be the Youtuber with the most subscribed Youtube channel in the world. At only 28 years old, Felix has got 88 million subscribers on his PiewDiePie's YouTube channel and the only person perhaps close to him in subscribers number is T-series. However, Piew Die Pie is not the highest earning Youtuber since he earns only 12 million dollars each month. He is from Sweden and the PiewDiePie channel is a gaming channel too.


Visit PiewDiePies channel here and see some of the stuff he uploads to get more Youtube subscribers.

I really do hope that you will get awesome inspiration from this listing of the highest earning Youtubers in 2019. And if you have a growing YouTube channel, i just wanna tell you that it is possible to get more YouTube subscribers and that you can indeed earn money on YouTube. Do not give up on working hard on your channel, YouTube rewards hard workers.


Visit also my Youtube channel here

If you have any opinion or questions, you are free to drop them right here at the comments section below. Also, consider to subscribe to the BlackMan via email below to keep in touch. I will be right with you in the next article.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

How to increase YouTube views on your videos

buy youtube views
Increase your youtube views

Getting video views on YouTube is so easy, infact,it is one of the most easiest task i have ever been faced with on YouTube. This became so after i took my time and studied more about how the YouTube search engine works. The YouTube search engine works in such a way that everyone has a chance and no ones channel or videos  are ignored. YouTube does this in order to award those who are working hard on their channels. However, search engine can ignore your videos if you do something like stuffing unnecessary keywords and tags. It is important that the YouTube keywords and tags you use should be related to the topic of your video.

Something else i realized is that if a user watches one of your videos, YouTube will list two or more of your other videos on the next videos listing. This is so advantageous. This is why i advise Youtubers to create visually attractive and appealing thumbnails in order to prompt the viewer to watch your other YouTube when it is listed. The chances of this are so high since YouTube has already done its part and listed your video on the next video listing. Another important fact that you should consider is the title of your videos.

Titles in YouTube videos are very important when it comes to how your videos will be ranked on YouTube. Using video titles with popular keyword terms in your niche increases your organic YouTube views since users will always be able to find your YouTube videos by typing in the keywords on the search. Doing some simple keyword research for the title which actually will not take much of your time is very recommended. One very important and helpful tool that i use in getting the right titles for my YouTube videos is the Keyword Shitter Chrome extension that you can find in the Google chrome store. (Make sure that you install keyword shitter on your chrome, it is free). Get it here. This is a free YouTube views increaser.

Now, what this tool does is that when i search for a term related to my video on the YouTube search bar, it will show me all the YouTube searches that receive the most monthly visits. Here of course, i will pick out the keywords with the highest number of visits and this is what i will use in my YouTube videos related to that specific topic.

This is a very easy way to get YouTube views since by using this technique, you will see results in 24 hours since you will begin to receive YouTube organic traffic on your videos. In fact, receiving organic traffic on your you tube videos is a very good signal to the YouTube search engine and hence you should not be surprised if you find your videos being brought up all the way to the top page of search results. This then results to thousands and millions of views. This is a guarantee. Try it now, it wont cost you anything, infact it will really boost you and your YouTube career.

I am very glad to share with you this method and trick to get more views on YouTube since many many people have been asking how to increase YouTube views, how to get views on YouTube, tricks of getting many YouTube views, how to increase YouTube views fast, how to increase YouTube views and subscribers and with all these questions being bombarded here and there, i decided to reveal this trick so that i can help out and i am glad.

Now, allow me to wind up on how to get more views on YouTube, i will soon be showing you how to get more YouTube subscribers and as i leave you pondering on this piece of information, i hope you will take action. I also request that you drop any questions and opinions that you might have, just drop them below at the comments section. See you in the next article, you can always subscribe to this site down below via email to always be notified whenever we have something new. Thanks

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