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Monday, February 25, 2019

Top ten legit bitcoin cloud mining sites to earn money online

With the Bitcoin craze going on right now, bitcoin has now become big online business right now, and i would advise anyone who has not yet invested in bitcoins to do so now and profit from the craze of cryptocurrencies. This is why i have decided to share with you this intellectually combined list of sites which enable you to mine your own bitcoins. This can also be referred to as Bitcoin cloud mining. This method is so profitable and enjoyable since you earn money while doing nothing.

Something else i want to tell you is that this method depends on the resources of every member to mine bitcoins. So, you will not be alone in this method of earning bitcoins online through bitcoin cloud mining. This is a modern way of earning money online through digital currencies. However,you can be paid through cash if you want, through payment systems like Payoneer and Payeer. One  thing i want to tell you about bitcoins is that it is a legit business model and it is profitable right now. You can see the many people buying and selling bitcoins at the localbitcoins website. What i will tell you also is that no one knows when the price of bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies is going to fall but you just grab these quick profits now while they last.

I will also provide you links to the Facebook groups of these cloud mining sites so that you can interact with the different people who are into bitcoin cloud mining and see proof of their payment too. I tell you for sure this will be one easy way to make money online that you will enjoy. I will now proceed to list out and summarize these three top legit and paying free bitcoin cloud mining sites.

  1. GlobalBitz

This is a cryptocurrency mining company that allows any interested individual or investor wishing to earn a passive online income online to do so. Globalbitz company is a UK company that runs low cost mining operations. This company is specialized in bitcoin mining operations and that is why it allows investors to participate. You can start investing your money in bitcoins here and the minimum amount you can invest is as little as $10 which i tell you the truth comes back with a 2% interest after 20 days, meaning if you invest $10, it will be entered into other bitcoin investors capital and after the bitcoin mining operation is done, the money will be distributed according to the amount each investor invested. This distribution is after every 20 days. This is why you hear that right now there is a huge wealth distribution in the bitcoin sector.

The $10 invested in 20 days it comes back as $12. Meaning that when you double your investment, your profit doubles. There is also another plan, there are different plans including one which returns your $10 and the acquired profit after only seven days. 

Globalbitz currently has 500 investors and it is still growing. This is a legit website and there is no way that you are risking your investment unless the price of bitcoin drops all of a sudden from the current value it has.


Kirkland and Felt is yet another legit crypto currency cloud mining site. In fact, Kirkland and Felt is one of the biggest in this industry. Kirkland bitcoin cloud mining company is able to conduct many profitable bitcoin mining operations since it has many investors and hence it is able to rent large data centers for bitcoin mining. Kirkfelt pays its investors on time always. This bitcoin mining company currently has 4, 3707 investors and there is a very strong proof that indeed you can earn bitcoins online on Kirkland and Felt. This is one of the best ways to earn money online investing your money.

The Kirkland and Felt website is owned by John Kirkland and his brother Felt. You have an opportunity to invest even as little as $10 and start earning a passive online income. 

$10 after 20 days comes back as $12. They have plans similar to GlobalBitz. They still have other faster plans too.

3. Cryptogains24hrs

This is another investment site that pays the best interest on your investment. Cryptogains offers a unique investment strategy since the profits are available for withdrawal on a daily basis. Cryptogains cryptocurrency company offers three investment plans, the minimum amount of money you can invest on this site is $15 which comes with a 30% profit of the invested capital after 24 hrs.

This Bitcoin Cloud Mining company currently has 2000 active members who are investing their money into bitcoins and making profits. The website also has a referral program in which you earn a 10% commission for the lifetime earnings of whoever you refer. Cryptogains cloud mining deals with different pairs of cryptocurrency. They are professional and you can be sure that anytime you consider investing with them, your money is in good hands.

Those are the best places where you can invest your money into bitcoins. Cloud mining is so profitable right now since you just mine bitcoins remotely without having to own the expensive mining hardware and huge electricity bills yourself. You just invest your money and reap daily profits.

I will request that if you have anything to add on this, please do so at the comments section below, you are free to express any opinions and also to ask any questions bugging you, just do so at the comments section below and i will personally look into them.
See you....

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