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Monday, February 25, 2019

How to get free Blog traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is an online  social media site that allows people to post images with links leading back to their sites. In fact, most people use pinterest as a visual search engine since it delivers desired results. For new bloggers, pinterest is one of the best platform to start with if you want to generate traffic for your blog. Most bloggers using the right tactics to get web traffic from pinterest are receiving tonnes of visits from this platform.

I will now proceed directly to give you the best ever tips to grow your blog traffic through Pinterest. This is one of the easiest way to get website traffic online. To get more traffic, your pins on Pinterest need to appear on popular Pinterest searches. Your pins should also appear on the Pinterest news feed of your different followers on Pinterest. This will guarantee traffic to your blog or website as people click through your pins. I have seen even some popular You-tubers using pinterest to get more YouTube views on their YouTube videos.

Like in Google SEO, Pinterest too needs some search engine optimization, however, it is not as complicated as on Google. You need to optimize your Pin title and the description area with the right keywords so that you will appear in more and more searches on Pinterest. This is the chance that you will have to multiply blog traffic with Pinterest. To get the right keywords to insert in your titles and descriptions, i suggest that you use the Pinterest Keyword planner. Using this free keyword planner is a trick that will enable you to get the most searched keywords on Pinterest that are related to your niche.

To access the Pinterest keyword planner, make sure that you have converted your pinterest profile to a Pinterest business profile, this will give you access to this tool. Using this Pinterest keyword planner is the same strategy that i also use with the Google Ad words keyword planner to optimize my blog posts and YouTube channel.

Now, go to the section in your pinterest account which is labelled ads. Please, note that we are following the process that is followed when launching a paid ads campaign but in this case we are not launching any ads campaign, we just need the keywords for optimization. This will enable you to reach the right target audience on Pinterest all for free. After clicking on the ad page, click on the campaign button and when prompted to give the campaign name, just type any name on that section. Ignore all the other given fields, leave them blank as they are and click on the "continue button" which is at the bottom of the page.

Now, in the page that opens next is where you will target the audience you want. This is where you will type in the relevant keywords for your pin and blog post idea. Here, look for the section where you will be asked to search for "related keywords". This is now where you write the keywords you have in mind.

As you type in the keywords, Pinterest will display the relevant topics around that niche and the monthly searches the keywords receive on Pinterest. The keywords with the highest number of monthly searches are the right keywords to include in your pinterest pin titles and descriptions. However, i caution you against including random keywords or keywords only in your descriptions, The keywords should naturally blend in your sentences but you should include the keywords at least multiple times for the Pinterest search engine to pick your pin up whenever people on Pinterest are searching for that keyword term. So, this is one of the best strategies that you can use to make your pins go viral on Pinterest and at the same time get traffic to your site which improves conversions and ad revenue.

Joining pinterest group-boards around your niche that have many followers is also another imporatnt option that you should consider to getting website traffic on Pinterest. Also, creating visually appealing pins is very recommended. This is because, the way you design your pin also plays a very big role in attracting visits. I suggest that you use bright colors and different image sizes when creating your Pinterest pins. Also, use stock photos from sites with free stock photos like Pixabay. This is because you can be heavily penalized when using photos copied from Google images or any other site online.

I suggest that anyone with any other helpful idea for promoting a blog or website on Pinterest for free should share with us down below at the comments section and as i wind up on this article, i state that anyone with an opinion or a question is free to drop it at the comments section below and i will surely look into it and give the right response... thanks for reading and you can also consider sharing this article, see you...

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