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Friday, February 22, 2019

Best YouTube alternative to earn money uploading videos.

YouTube is perhaps one of the most popular video hosting website in the world where people earn money creating videos. However, many people are unaware that YouTube is not the only website where you can earn money online uploading videos. There is another popular website named Daily Motion which comes second after YouTube. Daily Motion is a;so a free video hosting website which works the same way as YouTube does. The only difference is the website name and web design.

Daily Motion works in the very same way same way as YouTube since it pays it's users who have monetized their videos. Something else i find cool with Daily Motion is that you can earn money on Daily motion without any limitations. This is unlike YouTube where you are required to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. For daily motion, there is no such restrictions and anyone can earn money online. You only have to receive views and you will start earning money with daily motion. This website pays it's users according to how many ads have been showed in a video, this can work out well by having m,any ads placed in your videos.

Many people who have given up on waiting to achieve YouTube subscribers and watch hours specification have already started out in Daily motion. Another awesome opportunity is that you can upload your videos on both YouTube and daily motion and you will be able to monetize all of them. This is an incredible opportunity which i have already seen some popular Youtubers implementing. The Daily Motion website also has an option for website monetization. Using this option, you can embed both your videos and other peoples videos and earn money from all of them whenever ads are displayed. This is a feature that daily motion introduced in order to create diverse ways of making money online for its users.

I always suggest that you create a website for videos only and embed videos from daily motion on the website. You can for example start a website niche for comedy and then embed comedy videos from daily motion, those which are monetized, embed them on your website. They have an auto play script which automatically plays the video whenever someone enters your website.. This will help you make money online with daily motion while at the same time you are building up an audience which will put you in a position of different monetization techniques.

Daily Motion partners are always paid 50% of the revenue share coming from the ads displayed on their videos. Daily motion serves in stream ads in the videos which are less distracting. It is important that you understand the more views you have, the more money you will earn. The minimum amount you can withdraw from daily motion is $100. Sign up to Daily Motion today, upload videos and start earning money from home.

Please allow me to wind up on this article on how to earn money with Daily Motion. I will request that if you have any question or opinion, i suggest that you drop it at the comments section and i will personally attend to it. You can also expect our vast online community to answer any of your queries. See you.

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