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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Man who impersonated President Uhuru Kenyatta nabbed with Billions of Kenyan money, foreign currency and gold

A house in Ruiru, Kiambu County... Police recoup over KSh 1 billion in phony money.

Fake president Uhuru Kenyatta arrested with billion fake currency at a house in Ruiru
Fake President Uhuru Kenyatta Arrested

So everybody is citing in BILLIONS at this point..! Indeed, even the fraudsters likewise need an offer in the billions - genuine or envisioned πŸ€£ POLICE ARREST 3 suspects in the wake of striking a house in Ruiru where they seized extensive wholes of phony cash and gold pieces. Police Raid Ruiru House, Arrest Two With Sh8 Billion Fake Money, Gold. Police recuperate boxes of phony cash in Ruiru. lice have seized billions of shillings in phony remote cash from house related with seven presumes accused of duping Sameer Africa manager of Sh10 million. The phony cash was discovered stuffed in boxes in a house in Ruiru, Kiambu County, after a strike on Wednesday. Two individuals have so far been captured. The episode happened minutes after the court discharged the seven men; Joseph Waswa, Duncan Muchai, Isaac Wajekeche, William Simiyu, David Luganya, Gilbert Kirunja and Anthony Wafula on Sh200,000 bond each. Is Kiamabu a Gangsters Paradise? Generally Sh1Billion counterfeit cash recuperated reserved in a house in Ruiru, Kiambu County. It's one of the speculate connected to faking President Uhuru Kenyatta voice who drove investigators at the scene of wrongdoing. #SystemYaMajambazi

Man faking Uhuru kenyatta caught with billions and fake gold in Ruiru
Fake money and gold

Police capture two individuals with gold, counterfeit cash assessed to be in billions in Kenyan and outside money in a house in Kamakis along Ruiru sidestep, Greenspot, Miracle path, Fazil domain. A man and a woman busted by criminologists with gold, counterfeit cash in Kenyan and remote money in Ruiru, Kiambu County. Appears kiambu has turned into the home office of 'wash'. Counterfeit CURRENCY grabbed at Ruiru in Kiambu County. A Mr. Munyao has been captured and a weapon recouped from him. Insightful organizations yet to set up aggregate sum.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Best Adsesnse alternatives to make moneyonline with a website

There are multiple ways to earn money online and one of the most popular methods to make money from home online is through blogging or having a website that provides services to people. Blogging has become a very popular online job since it offers people an opportunity of earning a passive online income once the blog traffic has grown.

There are many ways to monetize a blog or a website and one of the most popular ways to monetize a website is through displaying ads. on the blog or website. This is a lucrative idea if you are accepted in a large advertisement network for publishers like Google Adsense. Adsense offers bloggers and website owners a nice ad income rate when ads are displayed on their websites. However, many new bloggers are still struggling to get accepted into google adsense, this is because of the strict terms and conditions of Google adsense and also the tough guidelines one is required to adhere to in order to earn money with Google adsense.

However, this should not make you to give up on your blogging career since there are other Adsense alternatives which you can use to earn money with your blog or website. These ad networks accept new bloggers but they have lower earnings compared to google adsense. However, you can still use them to earn money online as you wait for adsense approval since some are compatible with Google adsense. If you receive massive tonnes of traffic on your blog, you can earn a decent online income with these ad networks and i therefore suggest them for new bloggers or website owners. Let me now proceed to list these three ad networks for you so that you can join and immediately start earning money online after the short approval process.

  1. Propeller Ads

This is one of the best Google adsense alternative that you can find out there online. This ad network is used by many bloggers to earn money trough ad revenue from their blogs. The ad network also has many advertisers paying to have their ads displayed. Propeller ads network is based on CPM which is (Cost per a thousand impressions). They have many ad types like banner ads, native subscriptions or notifications, pop under ads, interstitial ads and smart links. Smart links enable you to earn money online without a website.

I recommend this network as a second option to Google adsesnse or media  net since they come up with new strategies that will help you the publisher earn more money. For the first time users of this ad network, the minimum payout is $100 and after that you can withdraw even as little as $25. Propeller ads offers payment methods like PayPal and Wire transfer. Currently, i myself am using the propeller ads network and it is working out well for me.

Popads is another ad network that pays very well and as the name suggests, this ad network serves only popads. This advertising network offers new bloggers a chance to make money online since it offers 100% fill rate. The minimum amount you can withdraw from the pop ads network is only $5  meaning you will frequently be doing so since you will be earning much more than this.

Approval to the Pop ads network is instant even to new bloggers, another thing is that they even allow bloggers with illegal content like porn and pirated software to monetize their content. - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

Infolinks is another very effective advertisement network which i specify for new bloggers who want to make quick cash online using their blogs. Infolinks ads network has various ad units from which publishers can choose from like in tag ads,in fold ads, in text, in article and in frame ads. The requirements to join infolinks are not so complicated and new bloggers can use infolinks to earn money online. This ad network pays on time through PayPal and the minimum amount of money you can withdraw from infolinks is $50.

Utilizing these ad networks can guarantee you a full-time income from your blog. This depends on the amount of website traffic that you receive. I am also happy to tell you that some of the ad networks can be used all together at the same time. Ad networks like propeller ads can be used alongside Google adsense without any issues at all.

Some of the factors that you should consider when choosing an advertisement network is the quality of ads they display. I suggest choosing automatic ad networks such as propeller ads which can be able to display ads on a website according to users search patterns. This is even more advanced in Google adsense where they serve targeted ads.

I will now wind up with this article and as always, i will say that you are free to drop your comments and opinions below at the comments section. You can also ask any questions that you have in mind and i will respond to them with due diligence. See comments section below.

Monday, February 25, 2019

How to get free Blog traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is an online  social media site that allows people to post images with links leading back to their sites. In fact, most people use pinterest as a visual search engine since it delivers desired results. For new bloggers, pinterest is one of the best platform to start with if you want to generate traffic for your blog. Most bloggers using the right tactics to get web traffic from pinterest are receiving tonnes of visits from this platform.

I will now proceed directly to give you the best ever tips to grow your blog traffic through Pinterest. This is one of the easiest way to get website traffic online. To get more traffic, your pins on Pinterest need to appear on popular Pinterest searches. Your pins should also appear on the Pinterest news feed of your different followers on Pinterest. This will guarantee traffic to your blog or website as people click through your pins. I have seen even some popular You-tubers using pinterest to get more YouTube views on their YouTube videos.

Like in Google SEO, Pinterest too needs some search engine optimization, however, it is not as complicated as on Google. You need to optimize your Pin title and the description area with the right keywords so that you will appear in more and more searches on Pinterest. This is the chance that you will have to multiply blog traffic with Pinterest. To get the right keywords to insert in your titles and descriptions, i suggest that you use the Pinterest Keyword planner. Using this free keyword planner is a trick that will enable you to get the most searched keywords on Pinterest that are related to your niche.

To access the Pinterest keyword planner, make sure that you have converted your pinterest profile to a Pinterest business profile, this will give you access to this tool. Using this Pinterest keyword planner is the same strategy that i also use with the Google Ad words keyword planner to optimize my blog posts and YouTube channel.

Now, go to the section in your pinterest account which is labelled ads. Please, note that we are following the process that is followed when launching a paid ads campaign but in this case we are not launching any ads campaign, we just need the keywords for optimization. This will enable you to reach the right target audience on Pinterest all for free. After clicking on the ad page, click on the campaign button and when prompted to give the campaign name, just type any name on that section. Ignore all the other given fields, leave them blank as they are and click on the "continue button" which is at the bottom of the page.

Now, in the page that opens next is where you will target the audience you want. This is where you will type in the relevant keywords for your pin and blog post idea. Here, look for the section where you will be asked to search for "related keywords". This is now where you write the keywords you have in mind.

As you type in the keywords, Pinterest will display the relevant topics around that niche and the monthly searches the keywords receive on Pinterest. The keywords with the highest number of monthly searches are the right keywords to include in your pinterest pin titles and descriptions. However, i caution you against including random keywords or keywords only in your descriptions, The keywords should naturally blend in your sentences but you should include the keywords at least multiple times for the Pinterest search engine to pick your pin up whenever people on Pinterest are searching for that keyword term. So, this is one of the best strategies that you can use to make your pins go viral on Pinterest and at the same time get traffic to your site which improves conversions and ad revenue.

Joining pinterest group-boards around your niche that have many followers is also another imporatnt option that you should consider to getting website traffic on Pinterest. Also, creating visually appealing pins is very recommended. This is because, the way you design your pin also plays a very big role in attracting visits. I suggest that you use bright colors and different image sizes when creating your Pinterest pins. Also, use stock photos from sites with free stock photos like Pixabay. This is because you can be heavily penalized when using photos copied from Google images or any other site online.

I suggest that anyone with any other helpful idea for promoting a blog or website on Pinterest for free should share with us down below at the comments section and as i wind up on this article, i state that anyone with an opinion or a question is free to drop it at the comments section below and i will surely look into it and give the right response... thanks for reading and you can also consider sharing this article, see you...

Top ten legit bitcoin cloud mining sites to earn money online

With the Bitcoin craze going on right now, bitcoin has now become big online business right now, and i would advise anyone who has not yet invested in bitcoins to do so now and profit from the craze of cryptocurrencies. This is why i have decided to share with you this intellectually combined list of sites which enable you to mine your own bitcoins. This can also be referred to as Bitcoin cloud mining. This method is so profitable and enjoyable since you earn money while doing nothing.

Something else i want to tell you is that this method depends on the resources of every member to mine bitcoins. So, you will not be alone in this method of earning bitcoins online through bitcoin cloud mining. This is a modern way of earning money online through digital currencies. However,you can be paid through cash if you want, through payment systems like Payoneer and Payeer. One  thing i want to tell you about bitcoins is that it is a legit business model and it is profitable right now. You can see the many people buying and selling bitcoins at the localbitcoins website. What i will tell you also is that no one knows when the price of bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies is going to fall but you just grab these quick profits now while they last.

I will also provide you links to the Facebook groups of these cloud mining sites so that you can interact with the different people who are into bitcoin cloud mining and see proof of their payment too. I tell you for sure this will be one easy way to make money online that you will enjoy. I will now proceed to list out and summarize these three top legit and paying free bitcoin cloud mining sites.

  1. GlobalBitz

This is a cryptocurrency mining company that allows any interested individual or investor wishing to earn a passive online income online to do so. Globalbitz company is a UK company that runs low cost mining operations. This company is specialized in bitcoin mining operations and that is why it allows investors to participate. You can start investing your money in bitcoins here and the minimum amount you can invest is as little as $10 which i tell you the truth comes back with a 2% interest after 20 days, meaning if you invest $10, it will be entered into other bitcoin investors capital and after the bitcoin mining operation is done, the money will be distributed according to the amount each investor invested. This distribution is after every 20 days. This is why you hear that right now there is a huge wealth distribution in the bitcoin sector.

The $10 invested in 20 days it comes back as $12. Meaning that when you double your investment, your profit doubles. There is also another plan, there are different plans including one which returns your $10 and the acquired profit after only seven days. 

Globalbitz currently has 500 investors and it is still growing. This is a legit website and there is no way that you are risking your investment unless the price of bitcoin drops all of a sudden from the current value it has.


Kirkland and Felt is yet another legit crypto currency cloud mining site. In fact, Kirkland and Felt is one of the biggest in this industry. Kirkland bitcoin cloud mining company is able to conduct many profitable bitcoin mining operations since it has many investors and hence it is able to rent large data centers for bitcoin mining. Kirkfelt pays its investors on time always. This bitcoin mining company currently has 4, 3707 investors and there is a very strong proof that indeed you can earn bitcoins online on Kirkland and Felt. This is one of the best ways to earn money online investing your money.

The Kirkland and Felt website is owned by John Kirkland and his brother Felt. You have an opportunity to invest even as little as $10 and start earning a passive online income. 

$10 after 20 days comes back as $12. They have plans similar to GlobalBitz. They still have other faster plans too.

3. Cryptogains24hrs

This is another investment site that pays the best interest on your investment. Cryptogains offers a unique investment strategy since the profits are available for withdrawal on a daily basis. Cryptogains cryptocurrency company offers three investment plans, the minimum amount of money you can invest on this site is $15 which comes with a 30% profit of the invested capital after 24 hrs.

This Bitcoin Cloud Mining company currently has 2000 active members who are investing their money into bitcoins and making profits. The website also has a referral program in which you earn a 10% commission for the lifetime earnings of whoever you refer. Cryptogains cloud mining deals with different pairs of cryptocurrency. They are professional and you can be sure that anytime you consider investing with them, your money is in good hands.

Those are the best places where you can invest your money into bitcoins. Cloud mining is so profitable right now since you just mine bitcoins remotely without having to own the expensive mining hardware and huge electricity bills yourself. You just invest your money and reap daily profits.

I will request that if you have anything to add on this, please do so at the comments section below, you are free to express any opinions and also to ask any questions bugging you, just do so at the comments section below and i will personally look into them.
See you....

Friday, February 22, 2019

Best YouTube alternative to earn money uploading videos.

YouTube is perhaps one of the most popular video hosting website in the world where people earn money creating videos. However, many people are unaware that YouTube is not the only website where you can earn money online uploading videos. There is another popular website named Daily Motion which comes second after YouTube. Daily Motion is a;so a free video hosting website which works the same way as YouTube does. The only difference is the website name and web design.

Daily Motion works in the very same way same way as YouTube since it pays it's users who have monetized their videos. Something else i find cool with Daily Motion is that you can earn money on Daily motion without any limitations. This is unlike YouTube where you are required to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. For daily motion, there is no such restrictions and anyone can earn money online. You only have to receive views and you will start earning money with daily motion. This website pays it's users according to how many ads have been showed in a video, this can work out well by having m,any ads placed in your videos.

Many people who have given up on waiting to achieve YouTube subscribers and watch hours specification have already started out in Daily motion. Another awesome opportunity is that you can upload your videos on both YouTube and daily motion and you will be able to monetize all of them. This is an incredible opportunity which i have already seen some popular Youtubers implementing. The Daily Motion website also has an option for website monetization. Using this option, you can embed both your videos and other peoples videos and earn money from all of them whenever ads are displayed. This is a feature that daily motion introduced in order to create diverse ways of making money online for its users.

I always suggest that you create a website for videos only and embed videos from daily motion on the website. You can for example start a website niche for comedy and then embed comedy videos from daily motion, those which are monetized, embed them on your website. They have an auto play script which automatically plays the video whenever someone enters your website.. This will help you make money online with daily motion while at the same time you are building up an audience which will put you in a position of different monetization techniques.

Daily Motion partners are always paid 50% of the revenue share coming from the ads displayed on their videos. Daily motion serves in stream ads in the videos which are less distracting. It is important that you understand the more views you have, the more money you will earn. The minimum amount you can withdraw from daily motion is $100. Sign up to Daily Motion today, upload videos and start earning money from home.

Please allow me to wind up on this article on how to earn money with Daily Motion. I will request that if you have any question or opinion, i suggest that you drop it at the comments section and i will personally attend to it. You can also expect our vast online community to answer any of your queries. See you.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

How to earn money online with PPD

Earning money online has become easy with the rise of many on line services offering various services to help people earn money online. In this article, i wanted to tell you about ppd marketing which is a form of online job. PPD means pay per download. In this form of online marketing, you are given free cloud storage where you can store your music, movies or any other digital item.

For you to earn money online with pay per download, you need to have people downloading the items you have. Like the best ppd network i use is called File upload in which i get paid $7 for 1000 downloads. This means that if you handle a lot of traffic on your website, you have a chance to make money online with ppd by requesting people to download your hosted content. Here, i would request that you make the downloads easy from your website. Myself, i offer free courses on my website and anytime someone presses thew download button, the person is the\n redirected to file-upload where the download file is made available for download.

Pay per download can be considered as a form of online marketing. For you who runs a successful music downloading website or movie downloading website, you have a great chance to earn money with ppd. Pay per download is also one of thew best ways to monetize a website in 2019 since it does not distract the visitors to your traffic. PPD websites are free to join. Most pay per download websites pay through PayPal, payoneer or bitcoin.
Join File-upload here and start earning money online each time your files are downloaded.

Thanks for taking your time to read this piece of article, i would like to state that you are free to use the comments section for any type of feedback.

Top niches to earn money online with a website or blog- Exposed

For anyone who has a website or you who wants to own a website property and want to earn money online from it, i know you probably might be researching about which niche to jump into. There are so many niches on the internet, some with high competition and others with low. Dominating the niche you are in,  means you will earn a sustainable online income with your website. I want to take this opportunity to reveal some of the niches that i have researched, compiled and tested. This are effective niches with a good supply of organic website traffic for their niche keywords. These are considered the best for any blogger or website owner and any content marketer in 2019. Some of these niche topics are:

1. Bitcoins: Starting a blog about bitcoins can easily turn into an income generating system after establishing your traffic. This is because the bitcoin topic has been trending since the rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

2. Tupac Shakur: This niche has been evergreen since Tupac Shakur himself established his music empire./ After the death of 2PAC, this niche began even to dominate the more. More of Tupac's music comes out every year in form of various remixes and to take advantage of this, you can start a Tupac music downloading website or a Tupac Shakur news blog. I constantly see people earning a lot of money online on YouTube by creating videos claiming that 2Pac alive.

3. Bob Marley: Starting a website where people can download Bob Marley's music can be one of the most profitable niches you can venture into. This is because so many people from all around the world loved this reggae legend and Bob Marley music is searched so many times on the search engines like google by people all around the world. You can also start blogging about bob Marley and i assure you that you can expect a nice online income each month by doing this.

4. Marijuana: We have recently seeing a major change in the perception of many people in the world in regards to Marijuana. You have seen even major countries like the USA and Canada legalizing marijuana. In Africa, Zibambwe and South Africa were the most recent countries to legalize the use of Cannabis. Kenya too is on the process of legalizing the herb. I am insisting on this niche since it has recently gained a lot of influence and popularity which is increasing and growing more and more everyday as countries are legalizing the use of ganja. Well, you can earn money online by blogging about marijuana. I would suggest that you blog about the benefits of marijuana and anything positive related to it. I will also add that marijuana use should be legalized since marijuana is a very nice plant and the use of it prevents diseases and infections. It is good to use marijuana or weed or pot or ganja.

5. Gadget Reviews: Reviewing new gadgets entering the market is one of the best evergreen niches online which is earning people alot of money online. This is because most people from all around the world researtch online about a gadghet before purchasing it. Hence, Blogging by reviewing different gadgets in the market will also help you make money online.

Those are just some of the evrgreen niches you can startup today and earn money online with a blog. If you have got any questions or opinion, please feel free to comment below. All the best.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How to earn money on Youtube without 1000 subscribers.

Today, in the digital world online, anyone can become a celebrity if he or she wants. In fact, many people have already done so. With sites such as YouTube, which is one of the biggest free video hosting website. As  a matter of fact, it is not just your videos that you can host for free, but YouTube will also pay you to host your videos on their search engine. However, this does not come just like that, it takes hard work and commitment, it also takes creativity. You can also be able to start earning money on YouTube by uploading creative common videos. I always advise people or the you tubers who use creative common videos not to just upload them directly as you have downloaded them. I suggest that you try and do some compilation and reediting. Maybe add your own YouTube intros and outros which contain your logo or brand name. Some also put names of their physical businesses or companies. I will tell you how these type of youtubers bring sales to their physical businesses using YouTube.

There are many ways to monetize a YouTube channel. When we look at the main way which is to monetize your channel using the YouTube Partnership Program, there are some YouTube guidelines you have to follow in order to join the partnership program. You should have 1000 YouTube subscribers and a maximum of 4000 YouTube watch hours. For you to monetize your youtube channel with the YouTube partnership program, your channel musty attain the above requirements.

Depending on your YouTube Channel niche topic, these requirements can either be hard or easy to meet. Most new you tubers are still struggling to reach this but i want to tell them that there are other ways to monetize a YouTube channel without 1000 subscribers. I will now tell you some of these methods which you can try out with your YouTube Channel. The first of these methods i want to state is working with brands on YouTube. Partnering your YouTube channel with a brand so that you can do some promotion for them. There is no problem doing this at all with your YouTube channel. In fact, this job pays around $200 to $300 on a weekly basis depending on the brand you are promoting.

When you partner with some YouTube brands, you can earn $0.10 to $0.15 per view. This money is a lot since it quickly accumulates if you get tonnes of views on your YouTube Channel. In order to partner your YouTube channel with brands, there are some online market places for influencers you have to join and add your channel. This brings your channel to a position of been discovered and been sponsored by both big and small brands. Some of these influencer market places are like:

1. Channel Pages- In this website, there are two main incredible services, this is because, here, you can partner bwith other Youtubers and the oipportunity of partnering with brands is still available. Make sure to join and submit your Youtube channel to channel pages to utilize this avalilable opportunities.  Join here.

2. Famebit: This market has so many brands that you can partner your YouTube channel with. This is one of the most legit opportunities for You tubers to make money with a YouTube channel. Make sure to try famebit too here.

Now, let me jump to this other method of monetizing your YouTube channel without 1000 subscribers. This is through crowd funding and fan funding. In crowd funding, you can succeed well with a compelling idea in which you can make people have a reason to contribute to your project. Some even do so in form of declaring a certain share of revenue after the YouTube channel grows. You can opt out of this anytime you want. Some crowdfunding sites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter are just the right places to kickoff your YouTube crowd funding campaigns.

In fan funding, this is where you ask your fans top support you in the growth of your YouTube Channel. This works out very well especially with a loyal YouTube audience. Your fans can donate funds online through your Patreon page, pay pal, bitcoin or any other existing payment or money exchange method. However, i suggest that you use major payment methods such as paypal, Patreon and Bitcoin. Skrill too, payeer and payoneer can work out. Please allow me to wind up on this piece of intellect. You are free to ask any questions or drop your opinions at the comments section and i or anyone in the community will answer to them as fast as possible.

Friday, February 15, 2019

When earning money online matters were considered as Illuminati in Kenya

I remember this very well, i was a kid back then when the digital trend and Technology stuff started to gain more and more recognition and even penetrated from the western countries into Africa. Kenya of course as the gateway to Africa was one of those African countries that caught up with this trend more quickly. Up to now, Kenya is still top in these tech matters and you will be surprised to to know that some countries deep here in Africa have not yet caught up with the digital online trend.

At that time, as i have said i was a kid, when this online entrepreneurship stuff and the Youtuber stuff was now catching up in Kenya. However, for the local folks, i could hear them whisper in tones that there is a group of Illuminati people who are pressing things on phones and computers and earning money from this. The people had not yet understood this internet stuff.

The people who mostly said this however knew to themselves that you can earn money only by doing physical work, i think this online stuff really surprised them and they thought to themselves that this is some kind of devilish works that make people rich so quickly. However, they did not know that the reason many of the local techy youths were getting rich so quickly and some even driving cars and owning possessions is because they were doing online jobs.

This is how online jobs in Kenya were introduced and even right now, there are so many ways to earn money online in Kenya or to make money online in Kenya and in Africa and worldwide. Online jobs are so many. However, most of the people who earn millions online on monthly basis do it using the Google platform. Google Adsense has reported to have paid around 4 billion last year alone to it's users. The means by which you can earn money online using the Google platform are diverse and can be both on mobile and PC.

You can own a website and monetize it with Goggle Ad sense. You can also host any type of your videos on YouTube and earn money from them. More too for the mobile phones, on both android and Ios platforms is that you can create android apps and ios apps and monetize them with Google Admob. As the name of these google products to monetize your properties online suggests, it starts with the initials "ads". This is because Google is able to pay you bu displaying ads from its adwords platform to your property. Ads from Google Adwords belong to different people with different purposes of doing ads online. Some of these companies are brands and companies aiming their ads to their audience. This is why if you have not realized, there are now targeted ads which are displayed to you depending on your online data. (more of that here). These advertisers pay good money to have their ads reach the right people. They too always get the results that they expected. That is why their money is not a waste.

Now, for Google to display ads on your website or any other online property that you own, there are certain terms and conditions you have to follow. There are also certain qualifications that your site should have. And in order that you earn an online income too using google ads, your site should have traffic too. However, i will leave all this for another article. i was even telling you about how people in Africa considered online jobs as Illuminati at the first place. Let me take this opportunity to wind up this article and i would like to finish stating that, if you have any opinion or question, please feel free to drop it at the comments section below and i will attend to it. I also suggest that you subscribe to this website via email down below to keep in touch any time we post a new article. If you found my intellectual property helpful, please share it with your friends in your different social media platforms. I am writing this as the BlackMan. See you.

How to index new website on Google for organic traffic

Getting organic traffic is one of the best things for every website owner. This is because organic traffic comes from the search engines like Google, Bing and Yandex. Getting organic traffic is very important since it enhances the growth of your website and online business. Organic traffic is said to be the source of half ofb vn  the traffic a site receives. The other half comes from different sources such as social media.

The purpose of search engine indexing is to get your site to show up in search results. This will always happen whenever people from different places from all around the world are searching for something on search engines such as google. For your blog or website to appear in the search results, you need to have nice SEO optimized articles and also you need to have indexed your site by submitting it to the search engines especially Google.

I am now going to tell you how to submit your website to google for fast indexing. Waiting for indexing to happen automatically will take a lot of time, even more than three months. This is why the best option here is to do the submission yourself.

To index your website with google, you will use this free tool given by google known as the Google search console. This was formerly known as the Google webmaster tools. Using the old version of this search console is one of the best options i consider. Now, what you want to do now is to get Google crawler spiders to crawl your pages and submit that information to the Google Search Engine for indexing.

In the search console where you will see an option written crawl, you should choose this option. Doing indexing is very easy and after you have selected crawl, you will see your domain name, here, i suggest that you leave it as it is and just press on the Fetch and Render option. You will see an option that requests if you want only the domain indexed or all other directly linked pages. Choose this option of crawling both your homepage and all other directly linked pages. This makes sure your whole website is indexed.

Now, if your website has zero errors, you will see a submit for indexing option after the crawling has been done. Press this option and the indexing will be requested. After some few hours, type in your domain on the google search bar to see if it has been indexed. If it has, you will see all your pages plus your main page listed out on the very first page.

Indexing is a very important aspect for any website. Indexing may fail in cases where you have enabled no index in your website settings. After doing the indexing, you will start seeing some traffic coming from Google searches as time progresses. To find out this, i suggest that you use the Google analytics tool. This tool does a lot and I will make sure to tell you all what the Google analytics tool does and how it helps you study your website statistics. However, this will be for another article.

At the moment, I suggest that if you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to ask them at the comments section. You can also voice any of your opinions right there. All for that Google search engine indexing information, I will be with you right in the next article. You might opt to subscribe to this blog via email to stay in touch.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Best highest paying Url Shorteners to earn money online in 2019

Earning money online has become more and more easier especially in this year 2019. This is because many opportunities to earn money online are popping out here and there and it is very important not to be left out. Url shorteners presents one of the best and easiest ways to earn money online and anyone anywhere can do it.

Shortening urls for money is one of the most easiest online jobs since you just have to share your shortened urls with your friends and in different places online like on social media platforms and forums and get paid whenever your links are clicked. If you have your own website, it is an advantage too since you can be able to monetize your traffic using pop ads and banners from these url shortener websites.

Most of these URL shortener websites pay via PayPal which is a global online payment method and since payment varies from one site to another, i have decided to tell you which are the best and highest paying URL shortener websites to earn money online with no investment. Now:

1) Adfly
Adfly is by far one of the most well established url shortener that enables you to shorten your urls and at the same time earn money online from the urls. Adfly pays up to $8 per 1000 views. Thios website pays automatically on the 10th of every month after you have reached $5 which is the minimum payout. Adfly pays through paypal. The website also has a refferal program in whioch you will earn 20% of every person you refer for lifetime.
Join adfly here and start earning money online.

2) Clicksfly
Clicksfly is one of the highest paying url shortener site on this list. It pays up to $14 per 1000 views. This website is trusted since it genuinely pays its users.
Clicksfly offers different payment methoids like paypal, payeer, paytm, Bitcoin and Mobicash. Clicksfly also has banner ads and pop ads which you can integrate in your website to monetize your website traffic.
Clicksfly also has a referral program and they pay a 20% referral commission for every referral. If you have any questions in regards to clicksfly, you can always use their 24 hours live chat support. Clicksfly pays on a monthly basis.
Join clicksfly here and start earning:

3) Shortzon
This is another top paying and trusted legitimate url shortening website to earn money online. The reason i consider shortzon am,ong the highest poayting url money sites is because they pay up to $120 for 1000 viewsw. This means that you will get $12 for 1000 views. Shortzon payments are made via Paypal, Skrill, Paytm and some other small paymentr methoids.

Payments are made daily. This is because the minimum payout is just $3. This website also offers a lifetime refferal program where you will get to earn 20% on every refferal. They also offer 24 hours livechat support.
Join shortzon now and start earning:

Those are just some of the best URL shortener sites that you can start earning money online. Many people are earning a full time income with these URL shorteners and if you begin today, you will be one of those people. I hope you loved this article and i will be glad if you make a decision to join one of these best URL shortener websites or even join all of them and start earning money online shrinking your links.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

How to drive in more sales with PPC advertisements

Pay per click advertisements are one of the most used forms of digital marketing. This is because many people have attained incredible results to whatever they are marketing. If you have an online business, you can drive in more sales by properly managing your ppc ads. Major search engines like Google and Bing offer the best ppc advertisements. Google Adwords is one of the most pay per click advertising.

To get good results in PPC, it is very important that you optimize your advertisements with the right keyword tags. This is especially very important in PPC since you have to consider whatever terms people are searching for in the search engines. If you have properly optimized your pay per click advertisement in adwords or in whichever agency you choose to advertise with, you are guaranteed to get more clicks and leads which will drive in more sales to your online business. Also, if it is a service you are advertising or a physical business, you will get to reach more people who are interested with your business or services.

So far as i know, Google ad words is the best place to do a pay per click campaign. This is because the platform is user friendly and also running your ads on google is more cheaper than maybe running your ads with Facebook. Many people also use Google to search for things, businesses or services on the internet. It is very interesting that most PPC ads companies like google adwords and Facebook will allow you to choose a geo-location where you want your ads to be displayed. If you are targeting a place like the United States only, you can do so and you will; be able to reach your targeted audience easily.

You can also choose the age group if you are offering products or services for a certain age group. You can do so especially in Facebook pay per click ads. How pay per click advertisement works is that whenever someone searches for a certain business or some specific keyword, Google will p[l;ace your ad on the first results page for that term if you have properly optimized your ad with the right keywords. And if the person is interested with what you have to offer, the visitor will click right through your ad and this is where conversion into sales come about.

Most people who do serious affiliate marketing do exactly that. The better part of this ppc advertising is that you can see what action the visitor has taken by using the free Google Analytics Tool. The analytics tool will enable you to see the click through rate, the number of people who clicked on your advert and also the action they took. Digital Marketing has become one of the most popular and best forms of marketing compared to running adverts on the television or posting your adverts on local newspapers.

To make your ad relevant, it is advisable to use the Dynamic Keyword Insertion tool. This dynamic keyword insertion tool is available on Google and Bing. What it does is that it automatically inserts keywords that users are searching for and directly inserts them into your ad. This makes the ad to become very relevant and really boosts the quality score. If your pay per click advertisement has a high quality score, your ad will be shown high in the search results than those of your competitors.

It is very important to conduct a keyword research before running ppc ads. This is very crucial to knowing the interests of your audience so that you can create the most effective online marketing strategies. Google offers you another important tool all for free in your ad words account known as the Google Keyword Planner. Use this to find out which are the best keywords to use in your ppc ads campaign.

As i wind up on this article, i would like to tell you that planning your ppc ads campaign in advance and using the right keywords will also be thew best way to save money on ppc ads. If this article was helpful, please share it with your friends in your different social media and online circles. And if you have any questions or opinions, just feel free to use the comments section below. You can also subscribe to this site using your email to keep in touch with the BlackMan. See you, and all the best in your ppc campaigns.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Best Online Jobs that pay through mpesa

Online work at home jobs are so luxurious and are loved by many people. However in a country like Kenya, people are just starting to embrace online jobs. This came after there was a major partnership between PayPal and Kenya Safaricom. This made online payments easy thus increasing the demand of online jobs in Kenya.

Most of the major sites that Kenyans prefer to work in are one of the best freelancing sites in the world where online jobs are in plenty. Freelancing is a job category where one is free to do any type of online work as long as you are able to handle it. I will now list three of the best sites that offer online writing jobs in Kenya and also other online jobs. In addition to this, these sites also pay through mpesa and PayPal service.

Doing the online jobs on these sites will guarantee you a full time online income if you are able to dedicate your time to doing the various online writing jobs and other jobs on these sites. For those who are in other jobs, you can you can use these sites as a source of an extra income online whereby you do the online jobs during your free time. Writing jobs online are increasing therefore there is more and more demand for workers.
Some of the best sites are
people per hour

I will suggest that if you have any question, drop it at the comments section below and I will be as willing as ever to answer you. Also, if you have an opinion too, just drop it there so that others can reason out with you. Thanks for reading this and till in the next one, see you.

Paypal to Mpesa withdrawals

Online writers and other freelancers here in Kenya cannot describe the relief they have after safaricom mobile network partnered their mpesa service with PayPal giving rise to the PayPal to mpesa service and the vice versa which is mpesa to PayPal service. As I am saying, this service came as a huge relief to all those who do online jobs or people here in Kenya involved in online transactions.

Before this, withdrawing your money from PayPal was a very daunting process. You would have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to withdraw money from PayPal to Kenyan currency. This went on until Equity bank partnered with PayPal for PayPal to equity bank services. However, a majority of Kenyans complained that this service was in efficient.

In addition to the Equity and paypal service been unreliable, withdrawals were processed after three days. This infuriated Kenyans who were always so eagerly waiting to withdraw the money earned from online jobs or other sources. Kenya safaricom came to the rescue just at the right time by partnering with PayPal and this relieved so many people who earn money online in Kenya.

To add salt to the Mpesa PayPal partnership is that many people in Kenya use the mpesa mobile money transfer since many Kenyans have now embraced this habit of saving money in their mpesa accounts instead of carrying around solid cash. Many businesses too here in Kenya have introduced Mpesa as a major payment service whereby they have registered pay bill numbers. I also recently saw that even in Dubai, there are Mpesa agents who give service to Kenyans who are there. I hope the situation is so for Kenyans in other countries too.

I am now happy to say that Kenya is now open to many online jobs that pay through Mpesa. Some of these jobs pay directly through mpesa but for others, the money will first be deposited to your PayPal account and then from there you can withdraw the money to your mpesa account by linking it to your PayPal through the PayPal to mpesa service.

Likewise, you can also deposit money to your PayPal from your mpesa using this same service. I can say that this is quite a big advantage and also the transaction fees charged are not so high. I give my shout outs to the Kenya Safaricom for introducing this service and to you who wants to access the PayPal to mpesa service, do so here: 

Also, if you have any question that you would like answered, please feel free to ask at the comments section and I will surely get back to you. Comment also on anything that you might have in mind for the benefit of all. Till in the next article, see you…

Monday, February 11, 2019

Is Bitcoin a pyramid scheme

Is Bitcoin a pyramid scheme, you will tell me after you read this. Now, in the Bitcoin World, this is for the people who use bit coins, any other currencies that we use in our day to day activities is considered as fiat money. Fiat money is converted to bitcoins through exchange brokers then you can now move your bitcoin into your bitcoin wallet. The reason why Bitcoin is growing so rapidly is because so much money is been invested into bitcoins and also large mining farms for bitcoins have developed in most first world countries like the USA, UK, China and Russia.

However, the question that lingers in my mind is, what if people invest lots of fiat money into bitcoins then the value suddenly drops all at once. Boom!!
Who will be to lose?
Who will be to blame?
The government cannot be blamed since bitcoin cannot be taxed or tracked by the government authorities since it is a peer to peer money exchange with no exchange charges or any bank or government between the transactions. However, what I can say is that let us grab this money while it is still there. Many sources in fact say that the price of Bit coin and all other major crypto currencies is going to keep rising. Myself too, I have started investing in crypto currencies.

If you have any feedback or question, please feel free to use the comments section, also if you want to advise people on anything, please use the comments section as well or use the guest blogging option. Thanks for reading this people.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

How to register a Business in Kenya Online - Ecitizen

Registering a business in Kenya is not a daunting process anymore and no one should now be worried about queuing outside government offices for your business to be registered. This is after the Kenyan government introduced the Ecitizen platform which makes it possible for Business registration and Business name reservation to be done online.

Not only business registration can be done on this Ecitizen platform, also other major government services like driving license renewal, passport application online and also good conduct application. There are other services too which I will not mention right now. However, in this article, I want to tell you about how to register a business in Ecitizen Kenya.

The first step you have to take before registering your business is to make a business name reservation which you will do on the same Ecitizen portal. For business name reservation, you will be charged 150 shillings payable through an Mpesa pay bill number in the Ecitizen website. To do this:
·        Log in to your Ecitizen account, and if you don’t have one I suggest that you create one right away.
·        Go to the “Business Registration Services” Tab and here you will see a link written “Business Name Registration.”
·        Select the business type you want to register and choose its name.
·        You will be provided with an option to register either a sole proprietorship or a private limited company; here I suggest that you choose what suits you.
After you have submitted your Business Name search and Reservation, expect the results after 24 hours. The name can be rejected if it is found to be owned by someone else. Here, I suggest that you try as possible to choose a unique name that no one else has.

Ecitizen services are offered on a Monday to Friday basis. During the weekends, the services are on a shutdown. The details that you will be then required to have in the execution of the business registration process are:

·        The type of your business.
·        Your plot no. or land number if you have one.
·        The name of your street.
·        The town name.
·        Your gender.
·        Your full names. (Here I request that you fill your names as they appear on your National Identity Card.)
·        There is also an option like nationality.
·        The postal address. (Here I suggest that you register your phone number as your postal address with mposta. You will only be charged 300 Kenyan shillings per year. This is a service offered by postal Kenya).
·        You will also be required to fill your age.
·        The location of the area you reside in.
·        Two recent colored passport photos. (Scan and upload them).
·        One copy of your KRA Pin Certificate.
Those are the details and documents that you will be required to have and fill before you submit your business registration request on Ecitizen.

·        After the business name reservation you made is successful, download the invoice.
·        Go back to the business registration service on your Ecitizen account.
·        Select business registration.
·        Click on the add business and here fill in your confirmed business name if it was approved.
·        After the search is done, you will see your business name registered and here; you should select the name and click next.
·        Now, choose your position or your role in the business and from here you will be provided with a pay bill number and an account name to pay for the business registration.
·        Download the invoice and the business registration certificate.
After this is done, I suggest that you go to a huduma centre near where you live and submit the documents you downloaded to a registrar of companies’ office for verification. From here, you are free to do your business operations legally here in Kenya as long as you are in alignment with the law.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Free website hosting and free domain

Hello people, i am very glad to be writing this since it is a finding that will help many people who want to have online sites but have limited capital. I will show you how you can start up a website with no money at all.

Now, i want to tell you that for some time i had been doing a thorough research about free website hosting and in addition to that, how to get a free domain name,. What prompted me to do this research is because  i had limited funds for web hosting but i still wanted to kick start my online jobs career. I wanted to have my online platform but i had no money.

I then happened to bump on blogger which is a blogging platform given free of charge by Google. I also saw other platforms which were free but the best of them all was Google's Blogger service. So i started out with my very first site on blogger. When i created a blog on blogger, i was given a free blog-spot domain. However, when the time came for me to monetize my site, i had a difficulty monetizing it since the blog spot sub domain was not acceptable by advertising companies., I was needed to have a top level domain.

This then drove me to do another research for how to get a free top level domain and surely i came across this site offering free and premium domain names. The name of this site is Freenom and you can access it HERE.  So here i opted for a free  freenom domain name which goes for a period of twelve months and then you can renew it free of charge as many years as you want to.

For sure, after i directed the Freenom domain to my blogger site, i was able to monetize my site with google adsense and also with google ad sense alternative which is propeller ads. I want to tell you that this system works very well and it will keep you going and earning money online until you maybe opt for a WordPress hosting which has more sophisticated features than blogger but you will be paying monthly hosting charges of about $3.

And for your information, i want to tell you that here at Black Man, i will offer you ready made and monetized news blogs which are automated. I will also offer you other blog types. all at very affordable prices. Just click on the products Icon on top to see our products page and you might get something of value. Thanks for being our reader, see you in the next article. I will request that you drop any feedback you might have at the comments section and you will hear from me not long.

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